420 Meaning? The code of Cannabis

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420, What does it mean?

  • What does 420 mean? – It pertains to anything related about cannabis and the culture surrounding it.

The date April 20th is just another run of the mill day to many, some go to work and others to school. There are some who stay home and others who go out, to others it is just a set of numbers…however there are those who truly understand what 420 has become. It’s a time, date and a state of mind. Come and read more about the origins of 420 and its meaning.


The term 420 is a term that has many stories in its beginnings, some say a group called the Waldo’s coined it, others say it was a police code but no one really knows its origins. But what most of us in the world know now, and some are here to learn, it is the slang term for cannabis and the culture around this plant. When you say 420 friendly, it is implying your a cannabis user and enthusiast. You will see this term all over the internet these days and it can mean a few things for a few people.

420 Celebrations

While there will be people celebrating 420 throughout the entire nation what you will find is those states whom have legalized this drug is where the real party is at. Unlike many parties you may have attended however this party is also a rally or protest seeking to promote the legalization of marijuana on a National scale. With music blaring and booths setup everywhere you are likely to find something yodenver 420 festu like at a 420 rally. Marijuana events like these provide a venue for individuals to consume marijuana in public while enjoying themselves in a safe environment.
These parties have been known to appear in towns and cities where marijuana is not currently legal, this doesn’t stop many partiers just looking to show that marijuana should be legalized. A lot of cites now have celebrations on 420. Denver, Colorado was the first but now you have cannabis celebrations in Las Vegas, California, Washington, Oregon and more that throw some great marijuana events every April 20th. The date of 4/20 is now a unofficial national holiday. Take a Denver 420 tour too.

Tents and booths are throughout the event area selling everything from pipes and bongs to free dabs and joints. Marijuana events when held in legalized states often find the stock at local retail stores and dispensaries have sold out during the event. While marijuana events are growing as a trend and brings out marijuana culture like never before attendees must keep in mind that it is still illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana and tickets are highly likely for those who choose to smoke and drive, the same goes for those attending events in non-legalized states, while many have shown they will not arrest citizens during an event that hasn’t stopped many from issuing tickets to those found to be publicly intoxicated.

420 Clubs420 clubs

The cannabis club or “420 club” is now a new place for people to smoke and enjoy cannabis. These cannabis clubs resemble a bar but with no alcohol. you will find that some have bongs, pipes, dab rigs and souvenirs for you too. Most are bring your own cannabis to smoke but there are a few that will sell you some cannabis as a reimbursement and club membership perk. This is a very grey area and we do not suggest purchasing cannabis that way.

420 Dating420 dating

You now will see a lot of different dating sites that are “420 friendly”, specializing in getting cannabis enthusiasts together and can hook you up with the right stoner guy or gal. these sites have been increasing in numbers but there are a few that are actually real. So do your research and find one that you like and find that 420 friendly date.

420 is a term that will last forever now and will be widely used in the normal daily lives of the world.

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