Our site drives qualified traffic to your pages… period!

Our listings make you money. We can drive hundreds of qualified leads a day to your pages.

  • What is qualified traffic? – Web traffic that has been sent to a page that has intent for that particular product.
  • What does that do for you? – You get thousands of qualified leads to your landing page that turn into huge profits and a great ROI for you!
  • Why get a listing? – Our pages rank very well in Google and the search engines so you get to use our rankings to deliver leads.
  • Traffic reports – All listings are tracked by views and click throughs and you get a report anytime you want it. These reports will have the IP and other info. You can also log in anytime to check your dashboard.

We also save you money by having “pay as you go” listings.

  • What are pay as you go listings?  –  When you have a listing with us you only pay when someone “clicks through” to your site.
  • How much do these cost? – Depending on the traffic of the page it can be from $1.00 to $2.00 per click.
  • How do we pay? – We will invoice you for your listing at a minimum of $500.00. Every click to your page/URL, we will deduct from that payment until it is exhausted.
  • Can you control the times people click on your listing? – Yes we can put caps on your listing on how many times your listing can be clicked on.  One click per IP address is charged per day.
  • Will my listing disappear if my account goes to zero? – Yes, but you will get email reminders about a week or so before the amount you pre-paid is exhausted, this is depending on the page traffic as well. Our sales team is good at reminding you also and will be contacting you if this happens.
  • What can be listed?  – We have listings for tours, lodging, activities like cooking classes, paint classes, guides, outdoors, etc… so get a listing and start making money.

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