Colorado Marijuana Tourism was a Money Maker in 2015

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Colorado Marijuana Tourism, thank you visitors!

Well when we first opened in 2013 we had a lot of media asking a lot of questions. One big and frequently asked question was “What does the state tourism director think about you?” and my answer was ” He doesn’t”. He ignored our industry “Colorado Marijuana Tourism” and Colorado cannabis tours for 2 years and said we had no impact or at least implied we had no impact on the tourism. But time and time again when I asked clients why they came here, what was their motivating factor? It was cannabis, weed, marijuana. Sure the scenery is beautiful but a lot of new tourism has been created by legalization of cannabis. That was proven here recently by a study that showed Colorado tourism was helped greatly by cannabis.

Colorado Marijuana Tourism

Glass blowing on our Pike’s Peak Tour.

We in the cannabis tourism industry have created a new viable business that can do a lot for the normalization of cannabis, help add more profit for other industries like hotels, restaurants, car rentals and transport providers as well as many others and extra tax income for the state. We also teach people about cannabis the benefits and risks and let then see if it might help them medically in anyway, we also let adults 21 and over enjoy cannabis in a safe and legal fashion, why they enjoy the sights of Colorado spending their money along the way.

We have partnered up with Kush Tourism and have a local Marijuana Tourism Map and cannabis news for the visitors to Colorado who want to find some 420 fun and may not be smart phone savvy, these can be found in in over 200 hotels!

This Colorado Marijuana Tourism industry will grow if the local and state governments don’t kill the industry with outdated ideals and unscientific, unproven decisions for law making. Some city officials have adopted rules that have no proof “scientifically” for basis on their decision, not allowing consumption in the rear of a partitioned vehicles and some citing that it is public use. We will be actively fighting for our right to use cannabis like alcohol in our transports and we will also be changing the industry practices too make sure we keep safe and fun 420 friendly transports.


Colorado cannabis club.

This industry is growing at a steady pace and year after year is better. With the legalization movement happening across America this industry will grow, as with it profits and in the key states that already have a large 21 and over tourism market it will be a big boost. The other states who don’t have a huge market can benefit greatly, by being able to start something fresh and different and following the best practices that they have seen. The right state done right, with places for adult consumption like resorts, hotels, activities, etc. will make money.

We have many things for you to learn here in Colorado, we can show you how to clean your bong, Best Denver Glass shop, and more.

Colorado Marijuana Tourism is going to be a great thing for the state. For more information go here. Colorado Cannabis Tourism Information Help