Colorado Cannabis Club Crawl

Cannabis Club Crawl and Garden of the Gods Tour

Join us on this one of a kind 420 tour in Colorado Springs of the social cannabis clubs in Colorado Springs. This is the only place in Colorado that you can find social cannabis clubs to smoke in. Listen to some music, get a coffee and blaze the strain you just purchased at our exclusive store. You also will see a 20,000 sqft grow on the tour at the legendary SPOT in Pueblo and pick up some of the best strains and products in Colorado.  Narrated tour of Garden of the Gods beautiful landscape and history of the park, with a stop for photos.

Get your pass for this one of a kind tour that only we offer.

  • Location - Colorado Springs, CO

    Pick up and Drop off in Colorado Springs at our offices at 11:00am.

  • How long, where do we go?

    8 hour marijuana tour of the Front Range mountains and Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs areas.

  • Social Activities

    3 stops at cannabis social clubs in Colorado Springs. Smoke, listen to music and relax with a latte’.

  • Grow Tour

    Shopping for some great products and grow tour at a 20,000 sqft Grow.

  • Luxury Transports

    Luxury transport with refreshments and snacks & guide. Stop at Food Truck Alley for you to purchase munchies.

$175.00 per adult

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