Is Apen right for you

Aspen, is it right for you?

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Aspen Colorado offers visiting guests a variety of great choices for outdoor recreation. For most Aspen says SKIING!  Now if that’s your thrill, then you will need to get a lift ticket of course.  You can get either one day pass or get a season pass.  Lift tickets can also be purchase in one to 10 day increments as well.  Remember that the individuals who buy early will get decent rebates, so we suggest if you know your going go ahead and get them ASAP.

Those traveling and skiing Aspen consistently throughout the year need to get a season pass, this offers you boundless skiing and riding options and also club house advantages.  So if you choose either the day or season passes they all give you access to every one of the four mountains situated in their property.



Now your going to need a place to stay after those long runs all day, Aspen has a ton of options for you from budget to luxury. There are not to many cannabis friendly hotels in Aspen yet, so your options are very limited.  VRBO or AirBNB are also other great options to help you.  Google ” 420 friendly Aspen VRBO ” and you should get a decent selection.


Now if you don’t have equipment you will need to rent.  Finding a great place to get some excellent working equipment from will be necessary and I have a few for you listed as well.  All ski bundle packages incorporate skis, boots, and posts. Now with snowboard bundles they incorporate board, boots and ties. Helmets and any other safety gear must be acquired also and some rentals don’t offer that. Be sure to check on what your size is and look for a good overall value in a helmet.

Transportation Options

Aspen is situated around 220 miles from the Denver International Airport, yet the city additionally has its own airplane terminal that offers non-stop flights from United, Delta and American Airlines.

If you choose to fly into Denver we suggest using SkiBuds for your 420 friendly service to all resorts.

Once in the Aspen territory, guests can get around town by means of bikes, transports and strolling on the city’s person on foot neighborly lanes. The Roaring Fork Transit Authority (otherwise known as Rafta to local people) gives transportation all through the four mountain areas.

Hiking and Mountain Tours

Is Apen right for you

Another great way to take in the Aspen and Snowmass territory is when you take a mountain trail hike. Wake up very early and meet your guide or go it alone (not recommended) to see some of Colorado best views.  These hikes can take you as far as you like up into the wilderness.  A good and knowledgeable guide is the best way to see the territory here and in a safe way. Here are a couple of recommendations.

Be sure to enjoy your trip to Aspen . If you would like, make sure to book a cannabis tour for some extra fun in Denver.

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