Springfield, Illinois gives OK to Consumption Lounge inside a Dispensary

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Article first posted on USAWeed.org

A cannabis dispensary in Springfield, Illinois has gotten an approval to open a cannabis consumption lounge on property. Grab your bongs, dab rigs and head on over!

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This is the states very first approval of this kind. The companies spokesman Chris McCloud said this, “It’s going to be more than just a big open room where people can smoke cannabis.” “It’s going to be well done, it’s going to be tastefully done, and it’s going to be an experience.”

Denver, Colorado’s city officials have also gave a green light to on-site consumption areas in recreational dispensaries in Denver also. So far there are none open at the writing of this article.

There are a few cannabis clubs where you can smoke cannabis, in Colorado Springs and in Denver but are not attached to a cannabis dispensary.

Here is a link to find cannabis clubs.


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