Denver Marijuana Tours

We are America’s first daily Denver Cannabis Tour!

We have small group tours (6 to 14) that deliver you a one of a kind experience. Our guide will go one on one with you and all of your questions about Colorado cannabis.

Whats included?

  • Luxury TransportsWe only use updated, newer transports.
  • See Denver’s largest cannabis manufacturer.Full guided tour of a working grow, extraction facility and infuser.
  • Discounts on cannabis and purchases on tour* – You will get 10 to 15% off your purchases while on the tour at selected places.
  • Visit Red Rocks, Civic Center, Union Station and other iconic Colorado sights.20 min stop at Red Rocks Park for photos and shopping.
  • Guided by owner Tim Vee** – One of Colorado’s first cannabis tourism experts and cannabis activist. Get educated!
  • Complementary snacks and water for all riders.

Tickets on sale soon!

Denver marijuana tours

Denver marijuana tours. You can find all of our recommended Denver cannabis tours here.

Our Denver marijuana tours have a variety of options for you from grow / shopping tours, seeing the Colorado glass culture and watching an artist, shopping for glass and of course seeing the sights of Colorado. We also can recommend to you some great 420 friendly hotels in Denver just ask!! Denver cannabis tours can be a fun time.

Tours pick up and drop off in Denver at various times of the day. Most all transports are 420 friendly inside.

Denver is the birth place of cannabis tours and we have the best in companies listed for you.

¬†These Denver marijuana tours are “Use at your own risk”.

* Some stores may not offer a discount

** Depending on availability.