Denver 420 Fest Holiday Tours

Denver 420 Fest Tours

Join us for our Denver 420 Fest holiday tours. We have a few options for you to choose below.

Colorado Cannabis Club Crawl
Only $190.00 per Adult!

What’s included in this great cannabis tour?

• Visit up to 2 Private members only cannabis clubs, included. Hit up the Dab Bar, get a bite to eat, pick up some souvenirs. Use a VR headset while your high!!
• Tour Denver, Front mountain range, Garden of the Gods and Colorado Springs.Denver 420 Fest
• Shop at the best cannabis stores with our discount – See an indoor grow!
•  Sight see the Front Range of the Rockies
• Pick up and drop off downtown Denver.
• Meal w/refreshment
• 21 and over only with valid ID
• From 10 am to 9 pm in our comfortable ride with multiple stops to see the scenery!
• Full Day Tour of Colorado sightseeing and cannabis fun.

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