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Best 510 Vape Battery for THC Cartridges

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Best 510 Vape Battery for your Cartridges

If you’re on the hunt for the best 510 vape battery, look no further.

We've compiled a list of top choices, offering a variety of features to suit different needs. Whether you prefer a discreet pen style or a stylish and powerful option, there's something for everyone. These 510 thread batteries are all travel-friendly, with compact designs and easy charging.

What are 510 thread batteries?

If you're new to the vaping world, you might come across the term "510 thread." This refers to a standardized connection system used in many vape pens and cartridges. It's one of the most popular types due to its versatility and wide compatibility.

Top Features to Consider:

Our picks consider factors like features, value, and user reviews. This ensures you get a quality 510 battery that meets your needs, whether you're a beginner vaper or an experienced user.

More information on 510 threaded vapes, can be found below.

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 Best 510 Threaded Batteries by Category

Best Overall 510 Thread Vape Kit

510 thread vape pen dr dabber

Dr Dabber Vape Kit

Best Cheap 510 Thread Vape Kit


Ooze Duplex

Best 510 Thread Battery Mod

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Target Mini Mod

#1 - Dr.Dabber Light Vape Kit

This is a great 510-threaded battery vape kit from Dr. Dabber. The Dr. Dabber Light Vape Pen is very discreet pen for oil vaping of  wax and concentrates.

This is the smaller brother of the Dr Dabber Ghost pen that is very popular among vape users.

This pocket able vaporizer is loaded with features like the award-winning low-heat Titanium Technology, extra glass wick atomizer / mouthpiece, concentrate storage ball, easy to use loading tool and a USB charger to keep it alive during your long vape sessions. It also has long battery life.

This is an awesome very durable, long lasting 510 threaded vape pen for the money.

#2 - Storz & Bickel Mighty Portable Vaporizer

The Storz & Bickel Mighty Portable Vaporizer fits in the palm of your hands and easliy in your pocket and bag.

The 510 thread battery has temperature control and gold plated 510 connectors, a 1400 Mah VW /TC mod , 1 USB Cable and a factory warranty.

Pushing out a maximum of 40 watts, the threaded 510 battery is compatible with multi-use atomizers for dry herb, wax and oil usage. Fully charged this lasts a long time.

The Target Mini Mod has a watts range of 17W-27W, allowing for a recommended inhaling time of 12-15 seconds.

This is an awesome very durable, long lasting 510 threaded mod battery for the money.

#3 - KandyPens Gravity Vaporizer

KandyPens has crafted the perfect vaporizer for consumers searching for luxury and discretion with their Gravity Vaporizer, which features a coil-less ceramic dish as well as dual quartz crystal chamber.

This vape allows users to customize their experience while remaining unnoticed thanks to its three shades of black: Sandblasted, Zero & Nova. Enjoy an optimal vaping session that is both stylish and low profile with Kandy Pens' new Gravity Vaporizer!

Not only is the Gravity Vaporizer a discreet and reliable option for vaping, but it also offers superior performance. Thanks to its heating element, you will get an even heat distribution that produces clean and pure flavor without any of the harshness associated with other devices.

#4 - Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer

Enjoy your vaping experience outside with the Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer. This dab pen is designed to be used for both oils and wax, and fit 510 cartridges so you can get creative when it comes to concentrates. The built-in 1000mAh battery guarantees plenty of potent puffs a recharging session.

Tailor your tool to suit your needs with four distinct voltage settings. Magnets connectors and USB charging capabilities are also included in the kit, so you can start enjoying the benefits immediately upon opening it! Enjoy a 15-second preheat setting for fast temperature boosts when you're ready to get started on that smoke session.

#5 - KandyPens Crystal Portable Vaporizer

The Crystal Portable Vaporizer by KandyPens is for the concentrate lovers across the globe.

This very discreet and ultra portable vape takes making clouds to new highs with its all-quartz atomizer. this unique design uses a bucket coil that produces clean flavorful vapor session after session.

The 900mAh battery brings the power and the sleek single button action design makes it one of the simplest and easy to use vapes on the market.

You can't go wrong purchasing this long lasting 510 thread battery vape pen.

#6 - Dr. Dabber Ghost Vape Pen

This is a great 510 threaded vape from Dr. Dabber. The Dr. Dabber Ghost Vape Pen is very discreet pen for wax and concentrates.

The long running Dr Dabber Ghost pen is very popular among vape users around the world.

This pocket able vaporizer is loaded with features like the award-winning low-heat Titanium Technology, extra glass wick atomizer / mouthpiece, concentrate storage ball, easy to use loading tool and a USB charger to keep it alive during your long vape sessions.

This popular 510 thread battery design is even guaranteed by a free “No Questions Asked” 1-Year Warranty.

#7 - Alien Kit Vape

This SMOK T Priv Kit Portable battery looks nice in any color they offer. This unit fits 510 thread cartridges and tanks that are great for oil vaping. This is great for CBD oil enthusiasts due to its functionality and durability.

Specifically engineered for higher voltage tanks this sleek 510 threaded badboy is the last battery you will ever need with 390mAh of vaping power.

The 510 threaded battery fits pre-filled cartridges and the sleek design with the brushed gold body looks great and will hold up over time.

Kit comes with charger and needed accessories.

#8 - Kind Pen Premium Edition Slim

This ultra sleek vape pen from Kind Pens is, clean, and versatile. This wax vape pen comes with a refillable cartridge so you can create your own mixes or plug in some pre-filled cartridges to the 510 threaded battery.

The one button control makes this easy to use and the whole pen is built with metal and glass, no glues to be found.

It features 2 Click PreHeat Settings, 3 Click Variable Voltage, Temp Control 350mAh Battery w/ Preheat and LED Lighting.

This is an awesome very durable, long lasting 510 threaded vape pen for the money.

#9 - The Kind Pen HIGHkey

Concealment is key when you're searching for a portable vape with a 510-threaded battery. The HIGHkey 510 Threaded Vaporizer from The Kind Pen has it all, with the added bonus of presenting as a car key!

You'll be able to easily fit this one-of-a-kind vaporizer in your pocket or directly on your keys so that you can enjoy discreet vaping while out and about.

The HIGHkey vaporizer, no bigger than your palm, is the perfect companion for all of your oils, extracts and e-liquids. With a 500mAh battery and 4 adjustable voltage settings as well as a pre-heat setting!

The handy LED indicator updates you with information about your current battery level and also which voltage level is in use.

#10 - Exxus Snap Cartridge Portable Vaporizer

The Snap Cartridge Portable Vaporizer from Exxus is a classic design that uses 510 threaded cartridges to vape your favorite oils and concentrates.

This little mod is easy to load and change flavors . It has a sleek portable construction makes it ideal for vaping on the go. 

This vape mod features a 650mAh Battery,Variable Voltage Settings, Magnetic Thread Adapters, USB Charger and a great warranty.

A simple affordable 510 thread battery vape that will never let you down!

What Is A 510 Thread Battery?

A 510 thread battery or 510 thread vape pen is talking about the type of handheld vaporizer battery that operates in 510 thread prefilled cartridges, atomizers, or 510 tanks.

The 510 thread battery is one of the most used batteries of all the vape pens.  Due to this you can get many prefilled 510 thread THC and CBD cartridges at various vendors.

How to Use A 510 Thread Battery?

First make certain that you have a vape cartridge that has the 510 threading connection, you can check the packaging of your cartridge.

To install the 510 thread cartridge to a 510 thread battery is quite simple. All you need to do is screw the 510 thread cartridge on clockwise.

Now there are two types of 510 threaded batteries you can purchase.

  • 510 thread battery - Fixed Voltage - Once you screw on the battery to the cartridge, you then press the button five times rapidly. You then will see the LED light on the power button turns on and flash  a few times. You vape pen is now turned on.  Then you press the button and inhale your vapor.
  • 510 thread battery -Variable Voltage - These are similar to the fixed voltage batteries.  Once again you press the power button five times  to turn the unit on or off. But now if you press the button two times the unit will be in the "preheat" mode. Pressing the button three times you will see the led light turn to a different color. Each color represents a voltage setting which allows you to choose the voltage for different types of concentrates or atomizers that might require various voltage settings.

What are 510 thread cartridges and why are they so popular?

    510 thread cartridges are one of the most popular types of oil cartridges used for vaping THC and CBD. They have become so popular because they are easy to use and widely available. Not only do 510 thread cartridges offer convenience, they also allow users to get the exact dosage they want from each puff. Since these cartridges come in different sizes and strengths, users can easily customize their experience to their personal needs.

    510 thread cartridges also provide a clean, smooth way to get your daily dose of THC or CBD without having to worry about the traditional methods of smoking that come with combustion and additional toxins. As an added bonus, some of these cartridges are easy to refill and reuse, making them great for those looking to save money on their cannabis or CBD products.