We are so close to the 420 holiday and things are crazy but going great. We have 6, yes 6 marijuana tours for the holiday weekend. We are offering 4 retail marijuana tours for the 19th and 20th. These will focus on cannabis, smoking, smelling & enjoying the greatest marijuana tourbuds you can buy in Denver. We have set up exclusive places to visit for our guests. Ready to buy some of the sticky bud you used to remember?? We also have two 420 buses to the Red Rocks concerts.

These will be in some of our largest limo buses we offer. Full bar with champagne, refreshments and “party favors” will be complementary. We also will be handing out bags with some mementos to take home.

I can’t wait to visit Illiuzion Glass for the party going on there. Live glass blowing and demos will be going on, with food and fun. I have my eye on a custom Colorado spoon pipe…its mine don’t touch!!! This place is off the hook with the best glass in the world!! They have pipes from $5 to $50k!!  They also have charms, orbs and the latest vape pens.  This is a must stop for our marijuana tours.

In 2013  the 420 holiday marked the first time there was open cannabis consumption allowed for adults 21 and up. But how open and smoke-filled will this year’s Cannabis Cup and 420 rally be compared to last year’s remains to be seen, last year, nobody was sure how the courts were defining “open and public” use as it related to cannabis consumption. But in Denver these days, the definition seems to be a lot more black-and-white. The rules have changed and I am waiting with “high hopes” to see what this year brings.

I remember when there were only a handful of us at the rally, and me scratching my head saying “Why did we come for this? There is only 200 people!”, but now it has show to be a worth while time investment with the numbers swelling at 30k!!! I am so glad & proud to have been a part of the movement. So now I am on to this new chapter……

I will say this though…..Our marijuana tours are safe, informative, affordable… and most of all fun!!

I love cannabis and what it can do for people, I love meeting people and making them look in astonishment, when they learn about all the benefits from this wonderful plant.

Here is some info on events for you below. I wont be at the cup as I am working all day.

Stay Elevated!!!!!

HIGH TIMES US Cannabis Cup Schedule
Saturday, April 19
12:30 p.m. – FORUM I
“Won’t Someone Think About The Children?” As the legalization and medicalization of marijuana increase, the challenges for pot smoking parents will increase as well. Presented in association with the NORML Women’s Alliance.
Rick Cusick (moderator), HIGH TIMES
Brittany Driver, journalist
Art Way, Drug Policy Alliance
Jill Lamoureux, Americans for Safe Access
1 p.m. – PAVILION
“Dabs of Denver” A discussion on the current advances, laws, and concerns regarding concentrates
Bobby Black (moderator), HIGH TIMES
K, Trichome Technologies
Giddy Up, Emotek Labs
Derek Cumings, Pink House
Nikka T, Essential Extracts

2 p.m. – FORUM I
B.E. Smith, cultivator/activist, presents “The Meaning of Freedom”

2:30 p.m. – PLAZA
HIGH TIMES cultivation editor Nico Escondido presents a precise program giving guidelines to beginning growers to grow legally in Colorado.

3:30 p.m. – FORUM I
“The Art of Edibles” Learn how to create potent, consistent cannabis-infused foods from leaders in the industry.
Elise McDonough (moderator), HIGH TIMES
Jamie Lewis, Good Chemistry
Joshua Fink, Medically Correct
Allison D-Ray, Ettalew’s Medibles
Wheeler del Toro, author/chef
Angel & Erin, Healthy Creations

4 p.m. – PLAZA
Colorado attorney Rob Corry presents “The Monster I Created: Has Colorado’s Over-Taxed and Over-Regulated Marijuana Industry Sold Its Soul?”

5 p.m. – FORUM I
Rolf Schlake presents “A Real Understanding of Extractions using CO2: How it’s Done in the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries”

7 p.m. Slightly Stoopid & Mac Miller at Red Rocks

Sunday, April 20th
12:30 p.m. – FORUM I

“Radical Russ” Belville presents “Debunking the Anti-Marijuana Business Crusade of Project SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana.

1 p.m. – PLAZA
“How to open a business in the cannabis industry”
Jen Bernstein (moderator), HIGH TIMES
Brooke Gehring, Patients Choice of Colorado
Elliott Klug, Pink House Blooms
Ryan Cook, The Clinic

2 p.m. – FORUM I
“The Power of Topicals” Learn to use cannabis-infused body care products for healing that’s more than skin deep!
Elise McDonough (moderator), HIGH TIMES
Nicole Smith, Mary’s Medicinals
Ah Warner, Cannabis Basics
Megan Schwarting, Kush Creams
James Kennedy, Apothecanna

2:30 p.m. – PLAZA
HIGH TIMES presents “Free Weed from Danny Danko” featuring a panel of cultivation experts.
Danny Danko (moderator), HIGH TIMES
DJ Short, breeder
Scott, Rare Dankness
K, Trichome Technologies
Don & Aaron, DNA Genetics
Kyle Kushman, Kushman Genetics

3:30 p.m. – FORUM I
“Marijuana for Trauma” Military veterans discuss the benefits of cannabis.
Chris Simunek (moderator), HIGH TIMES
Dr. Darryl Hudson, Peace Naturals
Fabian Henry, veteran
Lloyd Farmer, veteran
Ian Bailey, veteran
Ryan Edwards, veteran

4 p.m. – PLAZA
“The Future of Legalization”
Rick, Cusick (moderator), HIGH TIMES
Keith Stroup, NORML
Alle St. Pierre, NORML
Sabrina Fendrick, NORML
Mason Tvert, MPP
Rachel Gillette, Colorado NORML

7: 30 p.m.
HIGH TIMES presents the U.S. Cannabis Cup Awards show