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Best Bongs – Top 10 Water Pipes

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Best Bongs your Money can Buy – Top 10 Water Pipes

So your looking for the best bongs that your hard earned money can buy huh? Well we have the best top 10 water pipes on the market from mild to wild for you to check out.

Shopping for cheap bongs online can be a chore in this day and age. The internet is full of choices for you and how do you know if it is worth the price? Is it made from durable glass, is it made in the USA? These questions we have answered for you in this top ten bongs list. We do get affiliate commissions if you purchase from them off this article…but trust us, they are the best.

So check out what we have listed below and enjoy our article on the top 10 best water pipes you can buy.

Best bongs for 2020

best bongs#1 – Glycerin Coil Showerhead Perc Fat Can Bong
This is one of the best bongs in the market. Smoke goes through three levels of filtration before the tasty hits get to you. It has an advanced percolation mechanism and glycerine is used as a cooling agent.

Place it in the freezer for your next session. The chilled glycerine coil makes the bong one of the best bongs available by delivering smooth cold filtered hits.

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marley smoked water pipe#2 – Marley Smoked Beaker Glass Water Pipe

This is one of the best water pipes available from Marley, this 16″ gorgeous beaker bong has something not often seen, a very thick base for stability.

The beautiful water pipe delivers rich, smooth, cool smoke through an ice disk, large chamber, eight slit percolator and easy to handle bowl collar. Users can sprinkle fresh or dry cannabis into the funnel for optimum filtration resulting in an excellent experience. You could also switch out the bowl for a dab nail too.

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best bongs#3 – Short Neck UFO Beaker Bong
This bong is also one of the best water pipes available. This pipe made from Diamond Glass is a Short Neck UFO Beaker Bong.

Equipped with everything you need to smoke your favorite flower and this thing has it all. This mini UFO has a perc that diffuses your smoke after passing through a bubbling beaker chamber for smooth hits. This little bong packs all the benefits of a larger bong into a small package. It even has a mini ice catcher! This is a steal for around $100.00

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Mushroom Kingdom bong#4 – Mushroom Kingdom Recycler
This piece is one of the top 10 bongs in the market. Whether you’re using flower or wax, this recycler is one for the collection. It has themed glass that includes a green stem, red mushroom mouthpiece along with 5 tiny mini-mushrooms that circle the carb. This piece is 7.5” tall so it doesn’t take up too much space. Featuring a banger hanger design, fixed downstem, and bent neck this bong will provide an intense hit every time.

This artistic glass pipe is going to be a head turner at your next smoke out.

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best bongs for your money#5 – The China Glass “Nan” Dynasty Vase Water Pipe
This elegant pipe is one of the top bongs in the market. The design is for those who like fine quality glassware and this is why it is hard to find. The pipe comes in three colors. This great piece comes with a glass male bowl that matches the color of choice.

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best water pipes online#6 – Under The Sea” Mini Bong
This rig is made by the well-known Empire Glassworks in their studio located in California. The rig is made of thick and durable glass and ranks as one the top 10 water pipes in the market.

This great pipe has a marine theme and is studded with images of seaweed, starfish and other fish. The Under the Sea pipe has a straight neck and a flared base chamber. It has a 14mm male bowl and a frosted glass female  joint. One of the best bongs you cab buy.

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panda glass bong#7 – Panda Family Mini Bong
This bong made of high quality borosilicate glass has a panda family theme and rates as one of the top 10 water pipes in the market. It has a diffused downstream and uses hydrodynamics to help you get some deep, smooth hits of smoke.

The Panda Mini has an elegant mouthpiece in the shape of a panda. The female joint is 14 mm and has a 90 degree angle. It is held in place by a second prong to add to its durability. The pipe has a yin yang emblem to give it a Zen feeling. Place in your dry herbs or ground weed for clean refreshing hits.

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best bong glass#8 – Boo Glass Worked Donut Perc Recycler
This great pipe is designed for durability and years of use. This makes it one of the top 10 water pipes in the market. It is made of scientific borosilicate glass and has a stylish and elegant design.

The doughnut perc has a 14mm female joint and the smoke is filtered by a large stereo matrix percolator. The texture of the glass is bubbled and it has a colored, eye catching neckline in the shape of an arch. The bong comes with a 14mm male herb slide and likewise, a 14mm bowl too.

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top bongs purple#9 – AMG Glass 12″ LV Pattern Straight Tub
This high end water pipe is made in America and made of extra thick 6mm glass. It comes in a range of vibrant colors. Each detail of the water pipe is of the highest quality. The bong has a height of 12 inches and the female lo-pro has a 45 degree angle and is 18 to 14mm.

The down stem is diffused and is removable. The pattern has an elegant LV monogram. This colorful pipe comes in six variations and the colors glow when exposed to sunlight. The best water pipe is expensive but is durable and has that unique touch of class.

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avocado bong#10 – Empire Glassworks Avocado Bong
California based Empire Glassworks create this beautiful artistic bong in their studios. They are known for making high quality jewelry before they started making high quality bongs. This beautiful piece is decorated with glass avocadoes and is made of high grade borosilicate.

The avocado shaped mouthpiece has a unique design and offers an exhilarating inhalation experience. Made from durable glass this has a 14mm joint and an avocado inside for a percolator. Because of that you get some great hits.

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These rigs are not only decorative and made of the highest quality glass but are also designed in innovative ways to give users the best possible smoking experience.  Hope you enjoyed our article on the best bongs for your money.