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Is a Glass Bong Better than a Silicone Bong?

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Glass is subject to a high tendency of dropping and breaking instantly. But with silicon a bongs flexibility, we can easily overcome this challenge when traveling, at festivals, camping, and riding since they resist breaking forces. They are also safe because they can withstand high temperatures without being damaged, when compared to plastics alternatives. Their designs allow secure and stable sitting during use. Washing them is an easy straightforward task. Silicone bong come in many different colors, shapes, themes, and our brand ensures you get the perfect silicone bongs, hand pipes, and oil rig you need.

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What Is A Silicone Bong? 

A silicone pipe or bong is a design of an pipe made with traditional material such as glass. This means that intense heat will not burn nor melt it and hence it remains safe for you to use over and over. Silicone bongs can be used by anyone easily because it does not require any accessories or gear to operate like a dab rig does.

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Cheap versions of silicone bongs demand that the user fill them with water when storing them for later use. Most of these pipes have a general beaker pipe design or a round shaped design that has a single chamber and flat base. You just need to select the screen that works for you, glass screen or metal? Then add water to the fill line, pack your favorite bowl of herb and enjoy.

Silicone And Glass Water Bong

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There is a wide range of premium glass and silicone bongs the world has today for you to choose from. We can chose over a thousand different types of bongs with unique designs and aesthetics. So go out and choose the glass and silicone bong that suits your preferences and style. The hybrid of the two materials make for a nice rig that works great and lasts a long time.

Are Glass Bongs More Popular Than Silicone Bongs ?

Glass continues to be the most popular type of bong over the silicone bong. This is because it provides better smoking sessions and a bit easier to clean. They fit home décor and their designs can be classic or abstract. The glass bongs filter the smoke better as well, as some have multiple chambers to filter your hits. 

The glass bong’s is fragile and usually expensive, since getting a quality glass bong can cost you hundred fifty dollars and above. Even though manufactures are coming up with a more dense glass to improve their quality, they remain fragile compared to the best silicone bongs. 

Silicone bong has very many useful properties that make it very useful and have many benefits for use as a pipe. 

Today’s market comes with many different shapes, styles, and sizes to provide users with an unforgettable experience. Whether a newbie or a veteran, you should try this fantasy and enjoy this cool invention. 

Advantage Of Silicone Bong

So now with a silicone bong you have a very compelling reason to switch from using traditional glass bongs. The price of a silicone bong is lower than that of glass, and most of them come with their accessories; thus, no need to purchase any extra component to use your best bong. 

  1. It has a unique malleability that prevents it from breaking easily; hence it can be used by clumsy people and a large group where accidents are likely to occur. Silicone is very light and flexible, and hence traveling with it anywhere does not subject it to any problem; thus,
  2. it is suitable for travelers. The people living with disabilities or injured find it very useful because of its lightweight. 
  3. It is easy to clean the silicone bong, and hence many prefer it over the glass. This is because their malleability gives the cleaners a soft surface to wipe without causing damages.
  4.  It can also be washed inside a dishwasher because the silicone material is highly resistant to high temperatures or water damages. 

How To Clean A Silicone Bong 

Here are the supplies you require:

  • Sea Salt
  • Running water
  • Isopropyl alcohol – To get the best result, one whose concentration is 91% or higher.
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Plastic containers
  • Q-Tip
  • Paper towels

Many customers are confused when it comes to washing the silicon bong after use. Some even hesitate to buy them due to ingrown fears over the challenges that may arise to have them cleaned. The silicone bong’s industrial washing happens harshly, although no damage happens to them because the surfaces are very smooth. This is the reason no commercial cleaners are needed to complete the task. 

In our case, washing the silicon bong requires us to have dish soap like Sunlight or Dawn, combine it with some warm tap water, and your bong is cleaned in a matter of minutes. No harsh chemical application or tough scrubbing is necessary to wash the silicone pipe or bong.


Should I Choose The Silicone Bong Over The Glass? 

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Today’s market is flooded with many tools for smoking weed. Even if you selected several bongs and decided to buy them all together, the decision remains complicated so that’s why we are going over some quick facts for you.

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So be it glass or silicone it is up to you, we suggest buying one of each so you have one for home and one for travel. However, it is undeniable that the use of silicone bongs presents an excellent reason over the glass.

It does not break like other things that most consumers have used before throughout the years. So it is up to you whether you should buy it or not. Still, our recommendation is that give it a try because you might discover something new and find that a silicone bong works great for you.

Have a great day everyone.