Glass Pipes – Top 10 Best for 2018

glass pipes best top 10

Glass Pipes – Our Top 10 Best pick for 2018

Glass pipes, in the world of cannabis the glass pipe has become the dominate hand pipe of the newer generation. Glass blowers have been crafting this type of smoking pipe for decades now and have made this the #1 sold, type of glass pipe in the last 10 years. They come in many shapes and sizes as you may know and you can pick up some great glass pipes for cheap. From large Gandalfs, pocket size peanuts, steamrollers, bubblers to elaborate pieces that change color due to the fuming process when made, most anyone can find a favorite. Now if your looking for one of the top 10 bongs we have a place for you to go.

Nowadays it is easy to hop online and in 5 to 10 minutes, buy glass pipes for your liking.  When choosing to buy a glass pipe be sure to look at the way it is made as you always want a functional piece. So a large deep bowl, an easy to find and usable carb, a strong shank, thick neck and comfortable mouth piece makes for a great glass pipe. Make sure your next pipe is made with a thick American glass to help resist breakage if you ever drop it.  But now with so many glass pipes for sale online how to choose a good one, what’s the best glass pipes? Where to begin?

DopeBoo asked us to pick our favorites from them to help you all out … so read on.

Here are our picks for Top 10 Glass Pipes in 2018.

glass pipes#1 – Manhattan Traditional Wood Grain Glass Pipe

This pipe with its classy vintage-inspired looks, is the Manhattan Wood-Grained Glass Pipe. Made by Chameleon Glass, this old school piece is a very thick 6-inch glass pipe with a very deep bowl, has a very usable side carb and the glass coloration is done to resemble the old wooden pipes of the early 1900s.


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glass pipes for sale#2 – Bonehead Glass Pipe – Gloss Black

This very highly polished black masterpiece is a great pocket pipe for smoking and conversation. It has a deep bowl for your herb, it is 4.75 inches long and is made with thick borosilicate glass. You can also get this in “Glow in the Dark” for a few bucks more if you choose. This glass skull pipe comes from the great American pipemakers at Chameleon Glass and is bound to be a conversation starter at the next smoking session.

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sherlock glass pipe#3 – Self Standing Sherlock – Colored

The Sherlock glass pipe. This is a long time proven, beautiful design made to last for years. This piece is built to stand on its own with the glass feet and to garner a lot of attention siting on your coffee table. This glass pipe made from the artists at DankStop comes in very thick colored glass, rounded mouth piece and deep bowl for long toking sessions. This is a must have to any collection.


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glass pipes#4 – Cosmic Glass Pipe

“To the cosmos we go” as we smoke some dank herb from this nice hand pipe. The Cosmic is made by DankStop and has the color pattern of a galaxy floating in the cosmos. This glass pipe is made from very thick American glass to stand the rigors of use, has a easy to reach carb and fat round mouth piece for smooth hits. This glass pipe is for sale for an awesome price and is a great starter piece for new collectors.


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lightsaber glass pipe#5 – Lightsaber Steamroller Glass Pipe

Now for any glass pipe collector this is an iconic piece. This steamroller by Chameleon Glass is made from the innovative new “Slyme Glass” that gives you a true glowing effect. Nice size herb chamber and tapered mouthpiece delivers smooth tokes.  The thick glass makes this steamroller tough and something to be used over and over. This pipe turns heads and is a must have addition for any Star Wars fans and glass art collectors alike.

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buy glass pipes#6 – The Zebra

The long lasting colors of the iconic black and white zebra stripes. This popular color design has been used for decades to make something stand out and this hand pipe does. This mushroom shaped glass pipe has a deep bowl, easy to use carb hole and fat mouth piece. The Zebra comes in at about 4 inches, so it is a great pocket sized hand pipe.


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deep bowl spoon pipe#7 – GRAV Labs Classic Clear Glass Spoon

The spoon glass pipe design is one of the most used in the hand pipe realm. This clear glass spoon from GRAV Labs is a great pocket pipe for everyday use. It is very easy to clean and has all of the things you need in a good glass pipe. This branded pipe has a deep round ash catcher, thumb carb and medium size bowl.  This durable pipe will last for years to come.


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bubbler hand pipe#8 – Bubbler Pipe 8 in. Swirl

The bubbler, the pipe with a bit of water in it to stop the ashes and smooth out the hits. Bubblers are a great pipe design because of those reasons and every connoisseur should have one in the collection. This hypnotic swirl glass bubbler from DankStop has a very deep bowl, a down tube, water reservoir and a thumb carb. This smooth toking glass pipe also has flat bottom design that allows for safe storage.


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glass pipe bubbler blue#9 – Mini Hammer Style Bubbler Pipe

This patented design by GRAV Labs is one of the best bubbler designs in the last 5 years. This durable glass bubbler has a deep bowl, thumb carb,  colored down perk and colored mouth piece. The matching glass feet help it to stand up and resist spillage. This is a nice addition to every collection.



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glass blunt#10 – Twisty Glass Pipe

This brand new award winning design has a lot of people talking. The “screw type” loading of your herbs is a great way to have smoke sessions that last for hours. Just place your ground herb in, light it and twist the shaft to load up more when you need it.  Made with German “Schoot Glass” a titanium screw and flexible silicone rings this glass pipe is made to last and turn heads when you light up.


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Well that’s our top ten glass pipes we recommend any collector and daily smoker should have. Have fun when you go out shopping to buy glass pipes ! Cheers!