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What Does 420 Friendly Mean? Cannabis is OK

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What Does 420 Friendly Mean?

  • What does 420 friendly mean?  420 friendly means that someone is an advocate or ok with marijuana usage and its surrounding subculture.

Although the 420 phenomenon truly infiltrated mainstream culture within the last decade, the earliest known usage of the phrase related to its current meaning? It can be traced back several decades. You can find this term on Craigslist a lot and on dating sites.

What Does 420 Friendly Mean

Origins of 420 Friendly

Now we know to be first known usage of the number in relation to marijuana culture is credited to a group of high school students known as “The Waldos” in San Rafael, CA in 1971. According to folklore, The Waldos planned a meetup at a nearby statue of Louis Pasteur at 4:20 p.m. one afternoon, and the rest was cannabis culture history. Use of the code word then spread throughout California and eventually made the pages of High Times, ultimately bringing 420 fever to new heights and making it the favorite time of day for stoners all across the globe.

Common Uses of 420 Friendly

Although 4:20 in the afternoon remains a sacred time for most users of marijuana. The wider term 420 carries much larger common usages. Smokers phrase “420 friendly” often appears in roommate listings to let prospective roommate candidates know that the current roommates are regular marijuana users. Sometimes event flyers and listings also use the phrase 420 friendly to encourage attendees to bring someone marijuana to share and enjoy. This specifically is when the event is a house concert held in a private residence.

Smokers phrase “420 friendly” is also commonly used on the profiles of users on online dating sites and apps. As many online daters have strong preferences when it comes to potential romantic partners smoking or not smoking cigarettes. This makes sense that a similar importance is placed on marijuana use. It’s also important that a hardcore stoner is aware they are on a date with a narc or drug enforcement officer before thinking about rolling a joint or pulling out a bong while on a date.

420 Moving Forward

While the situations where the 420 code may vary, your main takeaway is that being 420 friendly is simply a low-key way of someone announcing that they are a proponent of marijuana. Of course, with the widespread knowledge of this once exclusive code. Marijuana users will want to be wary of notifying law enforcement or people who are likely to contact them if they are violating local marijuana laws. “What does 420 friendly mean” is no longer a cannabis community secret. So it is also incredibly intelligent to be aware of marijuana laws anywhere you plan on bringing or using marijuana.

So what does 420 friendly mean to you?