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We hunted down the coolest dab rigs out there! Which one would you pick for your next session?

At Colorado Highlife, we've scoured the globe to bring you an elite collection of the best dab rigs, each handpicked for its superior performance and craftsmanship.

Our mission is to curate a lineup that constantly evolves, reflecting the best in innovation and design. As we discover new treasures and phase out others to make room for the latest advancements, our collection remains dynamic and fresh.

We invite you to join us on this ever-changing journey, where the pursuit of the perfect dabbing experience is a shared adventure. Keep an eye on Colorado Highlife for the latest additions and find your next favorite piece among our world-class selections.

Every rig below is functional, built to last and works amazing. Each button will lead you to the shops webpage.


Maui Waui Dab Rig

Cheech and Chong Collection

The Maui Waui water pipe emerges as a standout piece in the Cheech & Chong 40th Anniversary lineup.

Crafted with the connoisseur in mind, its distinctive long neck doesn't just catch the eye—it enhances the smoking experience, allowing for a cooler hit. The showerhead percolator diffuses smoke to such an extent that even the most substantial rips glide effortlessly.

Standing proudly at 10 inches and presented in an exclusive collector's box, the Maui Waui water pipes design and functionality are amazingly good.

Offering an experience that's as visually appealing as it is pleasurable to use—a true gem for those who appreciate the finer things in the cannabis world.

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Phoenix Star Recycler Dab Rig

Phoenix Collection

The Phoenix Star Recycler Dab Rig, a sleek 8-inch masterpiece. Its foundation—a wide base—promises stability for your dab sessions, eliminating the worry of accidental spills.

The rig's recycler function, paired with an innovative insert perc, that truly sets it apart. This dynamic duo works in concert to diffuse vapor into countless microbubbles, offering hits that are as smooth as they are flavorful, caressing your throat and lungs with each inhale.

What elevates the Phoenix Star  is its infusion of American Northstar Borocolour Rod, transforming each dab into a visual spectacle.

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mj dab rig

Mini Jig Dab Rig

MJ Arsenal

The Mini Jig by MJ Arsenal, a mere 6 inches in height, but still offering unparalleled water filtration for the cleanest, most purified draws of your chosen concentrates. This miniature marvel, drawing inspiration from the iconic Cache Beaker Bong, innovates with its built-in glass storage jar, complete with a silicone cap, ensuring your concentrates are always within reach and your terpenes are preserved in peak freshness.

It delivers an extraordinary dabbing experience, marrying robust performance with an essence of portability that's perfect for the aficionado on the go.The Mini Jig stands firm on a 2.5-inch base, its construction of high-grade borosilicate glass offering resilience and longevity.

This rig is built to withstand the rigors of daily use, ready to face drops and tumbles with grace. Accompanied by a 10mm male quartz banger nail, it's set to elevate your dabbing sessions straight out of the box.

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cheech and chong dab rig

Great Dane Dab Rig

Cheech and Chong Collection

This sleek Great Dane rig is part of the Cheech & Chong 40th Anniversary series, ideal for "Up In Smoke" enthusiasts. It showcases an iconic illustration of the comedic pair, accented with vibrant colors on the mouthpiece and base.

Crafted from hand-blown borosilicate glass, it features a 14.5mm female quartz banger for superior flavor and cool dabs.

What we like the most id the shotgun showerhead percolator. This design gave us some smooth hits and standing at 10 inches tall was easy to use on a table top.

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The Banshee

Dopezilla Collection

Dopezilla Banshee rig. Crafted from 5 mm thick, hand-blown borosilicate glass, this rig offers a straight tube design with a long, bent neck doubling as a splash guard.

 The Banshee's drum percolator ensures ultra-smooth hits. Standing 10 inches tall and accompanied by a 14.5 mm quartz banger, it's available in dark blue and black, all in a collector's box.

What makes it one of our favorites is the clear visibility of the banger when your hitting it, due to the design, making this so easy to use.

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Phoenix Star Glycerin Dab Rig with 4 Arm Pillar Perc & Showerhead Perc 10.8 Inches

Glycerin Dab Rig - 4 Arm Pillar Perc & Showerhead Perc

Phoenix Collection

The Phoenix Star Glycerin Dab Rig, standing proud at 10.8 inches with a robust 5mm thickness, is the epitome of innovative design in the world of dab rigs. Crafted from durable borosilicate glass, its substantial base ensures absolute stability during your sessions.

This rig boasts a Showerhead Perc for the fine diffusion of smoke within the main chamber. But the true showstopper is its glycerin-filled cooling chamber, ingeniously designed to merge the diffusion capabilities of the Showerhead Perc with the unparalleled cooling power of glycerin.

The result? Each hit is transformed into a cool, smooth, flavor-rich experience, leaving you with nothing but deliciously smooth hits. The Phoenix Star Glycerin Dab Rig doesn't just perform—it excels, setting a new standard for your dabbing sessions.

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