Hall of Flowers

Hall of Flowers

Hall of Flowers, a pulsating hub of the Cannabis industry and a trend curator, achieves its stature through three key pillars.

The Hall of flowers focuses on direct access of cannabis to buyers. This is accomplished through a dedicated retail-relation team and an extensive vetting process that guarantees the presence of reputable retailers. Uniquely, the show offers complimentary attendance for buyers, focusing on quality over quantity by prioritizing the qualification and welcoming of potential buyers instead of profiting from ticket sales.

The Hall of Flowers events offers an elevated experience. It prioritizes aesthetics, allowing buyers and retailers to visually engage with products and envision them in their stores. This sensory feast creates an emotional connection between buyers and brands, mirroring the retail environment they’re familiar with. The show’s clean, distraction-free environment encourages connection, relationship-building, and focused product exploration.

Thirdly, the importance of consumption and sampling is highlighted. Hall of Flowers provides the opportunity for brands to present their samples directly to buyers in a setting that replicates the consumer experience. This approach facilitates connections and lasting impressions through product experiences in various chic lounges unique to the event.

Hall of Flowers stands out in the Cannabis trade show scene due to its dedicated approach to buyer engagement, aesthetic environment, and unique product sampling experiences.


Mar 13 - 14 2024


08:00 - 18:00


Consumption OK


Ventura County Fair Grounds, CA
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