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Colorado Cannabis Clubs – Where to smoke weed.

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Colorado Cannabis Clubs - Where to smoke weed.Where to smoke weed- Colorado Cannabis Clubs

  Come out and see Colorado’s cannabis clubs. Hey now if your wanting to visit Colorado and partake in a  Colorado cannabis tour or your already here and want to indulge in some cannabis smoking, but don’t know where to go smoke? Here are the 420 friendly cannabis clubs in Colorado.

  We have more options for you now to choose from going into 2015.  This new year is bringing more places to kick  back watch the game, play pool or a game of darts… all while puffin’ the great ganja that Colorado’s growers have sowed for us. Well lets start off with the originals to the scene of cannabis clubs.

The Speak Easy Cannabis Club in Colorado Springs is one of the first and most iconic of the clubs. This club is great in all aspect of how a cannabis club should be. Large place, plenty of seating, things to do like pool and darts, good music, house water pipes and tools to use, great vibe and a owner/host that is active in the day to day. This club is busy on weekends and has events happening often with national talent playing on the stage. Great souvenirs and gifts to take home you won’t find anywhere else.  Go check out the place and let them know we sent you.

Lazy Lion is right next door to the Speak Easy and is a cool place to chill. With a multi-room layout there are many places to kick it and smoke with your friends. You can hang out and play the latest console games, take a dab from the dab bar, see the grow or play some old school arcade games. This place has limited seating compared to the other Colorado cannabis clubs but is a cool place to hit when you are in town.

The next in the bunch is Studio A64 Cannabis Club. This great place is also one of the first iconic Colorado cannabis clubs to open in the nation. This cool and hip place has a great vibe for every taste. Jazz, poetry, rock, rap and fashion shows can be seen here with the owner MC’ing the ceremonies. You can play poker to the drums, if you feel the need here. Have a late’ or coffee from the great espresso bar while you enjoy that perfect strain to compliment it. Ah, reminds me of Amsterdam….You also get a cool hemp souvenir membership card so you can show and brag to your friends. Let them know we sent you!

A new one to the scene is 420 Speak Easy. This new place has a cool feel and friendly vibe. Plenty of seating, pool tables, darts are for you there. A half moon dab bar with electric rigs, that are hot and waiting for your dab to be blazed. They have “high” bar tables and restaurant style booths for you group of 4’s. The owner is always on hand to greet you and welcome you with a dab or a bowl of the finest. They also have a stage for music and a remote DJ booth for the elite of spinners. They also have an elevated outside area, for you to see the beauty of Pike’s Peak while you puff on a blunt with your friends. Let them know we sent you and you might get a free dab.

There are more clubs opening as I write this story, in Denver there are some very underground clubs not to many know about due to the fact of Denver PD not liking cannabis clubs, that we will cover later.

Have a safe and fun time while in Colorado and thank you for vising our Cannabis Tours and Travel site.

Cannabis Club’s in Colorado