6 Big Benefits Of Desktop Vaporizers

6 Big Benefits Of Desktop Vaporizers

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Desktop vaporizers have been around for a few decades now and are still a favorite for many people. This is despite all other devices, especially vape pens, getting smaller – in an attempt to provide ‘ultra-portability,’ efficiency, and convenience. One of the reasons desktop vaporizers have stood the test of time is the unique purpose and experience they offer, making them a must-have device for most vapers.

If you’ve only been on vape pens, you might then want to try or even add a desktop vaporizer to your vaping tool chest. Here are some of the top reasons and benefits of investing in one.

1. No Need for Batteries

Desktop vaporizers don’t need batteries to work. You only need to plug it into a wall socket, and you are good to go. This is unlike portable vaporizers that have to be charged up first before you can start vaping. In addition to this, the rechargeable batteries don’t last very long – which again increases the chances of the battery running low when you need it most.

Desktop vaporizers continue delivering the same performance and stability even with extended and heavy use, providing the convenience most vapers want. As an added advantage, you’ll never have to think about the batteries wearing out or needing to be replaced after some time.

This Arizer tabletop vaporizer is a good choice for vaping at home.

With proper care and maintenance, a desktop vaporizer can last for years without needing to be replaced. The same cannot however be said for portable battery-powered vaporizers.

Pro tip:  Always look for a device that provides optimal performance and is durable enough. Research first about the manufacturer and read reviews about their products before making the final decision or order. Arizer has a great reputation and you should check out this awesome offer on sale at vaporizerchief.com

2. They are Cost-Effective

While a desktop vaporizer’s initial cost may be higher than ultra-portable ones,  the long-term savings on the same are quite significant. This is because desktop vaporizers can last for years, while portable vape pens will only last a few months, forcing you to buy several within the lifetime of the desktop version. However, most people only focus on the immediate savings without considering the significant long-term savings.

There are also more affordable options for the desktops on the market, from as low as $100 to $400 or even higher. You can thus be assured of getting an option within your budget plan. Considering their value and how long they last, these devices aren’t expensive. Here is one of the many ways you’ll be saving from using a desktop vaporizer.

– Save on cigarettes: Cigarette smokers spend at least $5,000 on cigarettes per year. The most basic but efficient desktop vaporizer costs around $150 and can last several years before needing to be replaced. Anyone looking to quit smoking but vape instead would thus be saving more than $4,000 in a year.

Pro tip: The Airzer Extreme Q Desktop vaporizer is designed to be affordable while offering the performance and quality of the top vaporizers on the market.

3. A Wide Range of Products/Sizes to Choose From

The sky is the limit for desktop vaporizers. This is unlike the portable varieties which are limited by the battery/power, weight, tank, and size, among other factors. You can thus be assured of finding a device big enough to suit your specific needs and demands.

Despite their size, these vaporizers are equipped with powerful heating elements to provide unrivaled performance and output. Such power and performance would be impossible to implement on portable vaporizers.

These devices also come fitted with sophisticated temperature controls and larger chambers for that instantaneous punch when fired up. The Da Buddha desktop vaporizer is an example of such a high-powered yet efficient vaporizer.

4. Vaping Is a Healthier Option

Cigarette smoking poses many risks to your health, especially your lungs. The combustion process of tobacco leaves produces both nicotine and a myriad of toxic compounds harmful to your lungs and other body organs. Some of these toxins are absorbed into the bloodstream, causing even more damage while increasing your risk of various types of cancer.

Vaporizers however do away with the combustion process and only vaporize the required compound, e.g., nicotine. You can thus use the device to vaporize most of your herbs, including cannabis, without altering their chemical composition or introducing toxic compounds to the system. You, therefore, get to enjoy the full benefits of the herb without putting your health in danger.

The Stroz &Bickel Volcano, for example, is a medically certified product in Canada. This is because desktop vaporizers run more efficiently and at a stable/recommended temperature for vaporization. Portable vaporizers can only achieve this when fully charged, with many struggling to maintain the same results for long on a single charge.

7 Best Volcano Features
The volcano is an iconic tabletop vaporizer.

In other words, it would be safer to use desktop vaporizers for your health and wellness herbs and vape oils, including cannabinoids and terpenes, compared to smoking them. You also reap more benefits from using the desktop version than the portable one.

If looking for a richer, flavorful, and potent vapor, you might want to switch from portable to desktop vaporizers. Many people previously on portable vaporizers choose to switch to the desktop version on their first trial.

5. Optimal Efficiency and Potency

Desktop vaporizers are optimized for stable operation whenever turned on. They thus produce a richer and more potent vape, better than any other version out there. This is because most of these devices use vaporization by convection. This is the most efficient and effective way to vaporize herbs and essential oils. Very few portable convection vaporizers exist, and with a good reason.

Convection vaporizers need additional components and functionality to be able to operate efficiently and at stable temperatures.

6. They Are Perfect for Social Gatherings and Parties

Nothing is more enjoyable than sharing a cigarette or herb with your close friends while in social gatherings or parties. With many having given up on cigarettes (for obvious reasons), sharing a portable vaporizer seems like the only viable option.

While the idea of sharing might be noble, very few vape pens can last several rounds, especially if the group consists of more than 5 people. Either the battery will give out first, or the cartridge/tank will. 

This Colorado cannabis club uses convection vaporizers to meet the federal no smoking laws. Photo credit Colorado Highlife

A desktop vaporizer solves all these issues as it can be shared among friends for extended periods without needing to be recharged. As long as it’s plugged to a power source and there’s enough supply of vape oils or herbs, you can continue sharing for as long as it takes. The best thing about these desktop versions is that the quality of the vape will remain the same all through.

Is A Desktop Vaporizer a Good Investment?

A desktop vaporizer is one of the must-haves, especially for anyone that enjoys vaping. From the benefits and advantages outlined above, it is evident this is/will be a good investment. If you enjoy vaping from a portable device, upgrading to a desktop version will surely upgrade your experience. Here are a few more reasons if you aren’t convinced yet.

–           It produces less waste

–           It doesn’t produce any smell

–           It makes it possible to vape with your friends at home

–           Unmatched performance without the weight restrictions

–           No need to buy batteries

–           Enjoy vaping for extended periods

–           Eliminates the buildup of tar and other toxic compounds in your lungs.