boulder vacation quick guide

Boulder Quick Guide

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With nature just a few lazy steps away —Boulder Colorado is your urban experience and an ideal outing for you when your in the green state. You can find some marijuana friendly lodging, or a 420 tour or how about looking for the Top 10 water pipes in the state.

You can find a lot to do here. Now if you go and get your lodging very close to downtown,  you’ll locate a mind boggling assortment of things to do in Boulder.

From taste testing in some of the best restaurants on Pearl Street to fun outings into the mountains hiking the hills, taking pictures of wildlife and getting some exercise there is a ton of stuff to do. You might need to begin with our Must-See Boulder visitors page.

These wonderful hills have a lot of open places you can get to, that will get you out in the fresh Colorado air.

A nice hike right in the foot the Rocky Mountains on a crisp morning walking among the piney hills.

Boulder brags to be a great place for climbing and biking some trails that will fulfill anyone’s requirement for either a rush and/or some wonderful sight seeing. Here are some of our favorite place to see when we go to Boulder.

Now you can do a few other things here in Boulder too, look to find a recreational dispensary, take a hike…. this city is close to the mountains and plains so you can pick your poison.

Some visitors like to take a tour to see the city of Boulder and art type of places and museums.  A nice long walk on Pearl Street and enjoy the beauty of this city by walking through the many side streets and shopping centers.

You can hit up one of the many, distilleries, breweries and clubs that Boulder has to offer.

Another attraction that has been rumored is a soon to be open is the Hemp museum where you can learn how this great plant has helped us throughout the years, see some harvesting equipment and the age old question of “What is Hemp?

You can also tube down the many streams near Boulder and enjoy the sunny days the summer has to offer in Colorado.

Come see why Boulder, Colorado, is an astounding place to vacation and visit for a day that offers something for each explorer.

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