Cheap vs Expensive : Dry Herb Vaporizers – Titan I vs DaVinci IQ

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Our friends at Ruffhouse Studios did a comparison on a cheap $40.00 herb vaporizer against a $200.00 Vape. Watch the video and you decide which vape pen will work for you.

DaVinci IQ

  • Dry Herbs Vaporizer
  • Adjustable Airflow Via Air Dial™
  • On Device Dosage Calculation
  • 9% Larger
  • Brushed Aluminum Shell
  • Better insulated oven

Titan 1

  • 3 Temperature Settings
  • 2200 mah Battery
  • Micro usb charging cable
  • 2-pack extended mouthpiece sleeves
  • 3-pack mouthpiece covers
  • 4-pack replacement screens