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Cannabis Grow Tour and Shopping in One – Euflora 3D

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Cannabis Grow Tour and Shopping in One – Euflora 3D

Introducing the Euflora 3D Cannabis Center.  Now in the beginning there were only a handful of stores in Colorado that opened up to recreational cannabis sales. In 2014, 3D Cannabis Center was one of the first stores to sell legal weed. This very first historical sales was sold to a U.S. military veteran, who said he was going to frame it on his wall for memories. You can find deals at Denver dispensaries here.

Now some of you who took our tour will remember 3D in all its old glory and might have some fond memories of your tours, but it has now changed hands and has a new owner and a new look!

The interior is done artistically.  With podiums displaying a tablet and a portion of cannabis inside a nice see through box, that have a magnifier on them so you can see the flower up close and holes for you to smell the aroma.  The tablets at each podium contain information on the strain such as THC, CBD distillate, what strains went into it among other information.

For me it is nice to know what strains went into it.  What is the THC counts or CBD percentage in the products and how the affects and taste profiles are. This way of displaying cannabis is great for techies our anyone who wants to know a lot more about the strain their purchasing. you can also find some 420 friendly hotels there too. If you need some tips on growing cannabis they can help.

You also have all of the other products they carry displayed beautifully on the walls throughout.  Now they have just about anything you need from flower,  moon rocks, concentrates, edibles, topicals and yes souvenirs too. Here is a link to the menu

Make sure to stop in and get some great dispensary deals.

Now one of the best parts of the Euflora 3D Cannabis Center is the view-able grow in the rear of the store. Yes you can roll into the back hallway and see a commercial recreational cannabis grow operation behind wall to ceiling glass for you to drool about. Take tons of photos, selfies and ask questions to the staff on what your seeing as they love to talk about the cannabis they grow there.

This is one of the best places to stop to get your first purchase when your in town. It is very easy to get to right off the I-70 Freeway on Brighton Blvd.