Is Michigan going to beat out Colorado? The next best place for Cannabis Fans?

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Michigan is introducing an innovative concept in cannabis tourism with a new music venue that plans to offer cannabis alongside alcohol; at this event. This new approach, is part of the “Field of Greens: Bikes, Buds, and Brews” event slated for May 2024, that aims to merge the love for music with the appreciation for cannabis, and the love of beer; creating an enhanced experience for attendees.

Denver 2018

Situated in a state known for its vibrant music scene and progressive stance on cannabis, this venue represents a significant step towards integrating cannabis into mainstream tourism and entertainment, offering a fresh way to experience cultural offerings in Michigan.

This initiative reflects the broader trend of normalizing cannabis as part of everyday leisure activities, marking a new era in tourism where inclusivity and innovation are key​​.

We offered champagne along with vodka and soft drinks for our non-smokers. 2015

Michigan’s innovative integration of cannabis, and alcohol (which we did on our tours 10 years ago) along with a solid top artist music event, the “Field of Greens: Bikes, Buds, and Brews” initiative, positions it as a formidable contender in the cannabis tourism sector, potentially challenging Colorado’s longstanding dominance.

Tickets for the concert series and for more details on the event, go to or reach out to

This new approach to cannabis festivals could redefine the landscape, attracting enthusiasts keen on experiencing the unique blend of music and cannabis in a vibrant, inclusive environment.