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Lodging for Cannabis Tourists going to Las Vegas

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Tips on finding lodging in Las Vegas for the cannabis tourist.

So your thinking of heading to Nevada for your cannabis vacation and are wondering which hotels allow cannabis smoking on property? We have a few tips and tricks with how to locate them and will show you the few that allow cannabis consumption on property, without getting kicked out.

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First off 420 friendly Las Vegas hotels are not easy to come by. There are only about a half dozen hotels that we have called, that absolutely allow cannabis smoking on property. None of them are the major casino hotels on the strip either. Nevada law prohibits cannabis on property of casinos and consumption and or smoking cannabis can get you removed from the property. Yes you will hear and may know someone who blazed in a tobacco smoking room without a problem; but they did run the risk of being ejected without refund from the property if they were caught. Not a chance I will take.

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So when your looking for a 420-friendly place to stay at, you can start by calling all of the properties that do not have a casino on the premises and speak with the front desk on the policy about cannabis smoking. Be sure to ask for the actual front desk of the hotel as a lot of places send you to a call center that may or may not know the properties rules on cannabis consumption. More often then not we received bad information from the call centers when we did our vetting. Be sure to ask these few questions in this order to help you find the best place to stay at.

  • Do they allow cannabis smoking somewhere on property? Can you smoke from a hand pipe or use a 510 thread battery vaporizer.
  • If so where are you allowed to smoke cannabis? In your room? A designated place? (It sucks to have to smoke in the parking lot or on the greenbelt near a road.)
  • Can you smoke near the pool?
  • Do they have a nearby recreational dispensary? (You can also Google the location to get this information)
  • What is the fee for cleaning if they suspect you have smoked in the room?
  • What is their name? (This is so you have a person to talk to or use for a reference when you check in, in case something changes when you arrive.)
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Some hotels say “No” to smoking on property. Photo Credit Pixabay

The other way to find a hotel or a bud and breakfast in Las Vegas is to use our site. We have already vetted about 5 cannabis friendly lodging options for you (you can find them at the bottom of this article). Now these are not the best places in terms of a luxury hotel, in fact most of them are discount chain hotels but they do allow cannabis consumption on the property and have some decent prices and good locations near the popular attractions most travelers want to see.

Just click on the price point below and you will be taken to our trusted booking provider to find out the location, desired room size and to pay for your lodging if you find it works for you.

So use our research and book the hotel that works best for you and enjoy your cannabis vacation to Nevada.