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Tips on Growing Cannabis in Colorado

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Here are some solid tips on growing cannabis in Colorado

We have some great tips on growing cannabis in Colorado from a local grower. So read on and learn some great techniques for cultivation.

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#2 – Tips on Growing Marijuana in Colorado / Seasons
Because Colorado gets some of the most un-patterned weather conditions stemming from the Rocky Mountains, at times it can be warm and dry in March and out of nowhere snow begins to fall in June. While there are quite a few growing cannabis tips to consider,  it is obviously that the weather is the number one thing you need to pay attention to when starting. Because there are many laws that must be followed in Colorado when it comes to how to access and grow your weed plants along with how many plants can be grown and where they can be grown at. Combining this with the weather just makes the process of growing weed time-consuming, so get ready.growing weed in Colorado

Obviously, the best time to start planting your seeds is in March. Within the first 30 days, your seeds will reveal what gender and within the following 30 days around May, you can now plant your weed outside in your greenhouse. Normally the cold temperatures, known as cold snaps, are over with by the end of April. These are the things that will kill young plants. A rather homegrown note is to not plant your seeds before Mother’s Day. In Colorado, home growers can have from half a dozen plants per person to a dozen per household. With this, you can only have half of them flowering at a time. When growing outdoors you can expect all your plants to flower in unison.

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#3 – Containment / Greenhouses

Another very important aspect of growing cannabis in Colorado are the laws, in order to grow your cannabis lawfully, the growing weed needs to be in a fully-enclosed location. Whether it is a garage, greenhouse, or a basement, it must remain closed off at all times.

Obtaining a greenhouse is not expensive and with a little effort can one be made with ease. There are some rather cheap options if you are looking to create a greenhouse. One of the last aspects of Colorado law is that anyone over 21 is able to be around the marijuana or anyone 18 with a valid medical card is able to as well. With such being a case this is why it is very wise to pay attention to the laws when growing marijuana in Colorado.

Some growing tips would be that it is always a good thing to not place your greenhouse in an area that does not receive for sunlight for at least 6 hours a day. Marijuana needs a lot of light and the light that goes into the greenhouse is very important for the successful cultivation of marijuana. This is one of the best nutrients for outdoor grow. Aside from having the greenhouse set up in a strategic location comes the size of your plants themselves. If you are going to keep your plants in pots then your sizes will be limited. However, planting marijuana seeds directly in the soil means the roots can expand rather wide. This allows for ample flowers to come about.

So whether you are using a greenhouse you must always take into account the potential size of your plants. It is commonly known that plants will double in size during the flower. The very smell that your greenhouse will give off, especially in the last month as a rather potent odor that may have neighbors unhappy, so this is a good point to take note of when growing your plants. One of the most obvious ways to deal with the aroma of the weed is by purchasing a carbon filtering unit and placing it inside the greenhouse itself. By doing this you can lessen the aroma and keep the smell of the growing weed under control.

So paying attention to the odor is one way of staying in compliance while growing your marijuana in Colorado. Controlling contaminants and pest is rather tough in itself. Controlling this outdoors is very difficult as opposed to being in a greenhouse itself. Although the common rodents, birds, etc. would be kept out, spiders can find their way in. The best way to fight this off is to use organic sprays and plant deterrents and spend a great amount of time monitoring the growth of your weed plant themselves. You also need air circulation, so a few fans are needed to blow over the crop. So be sure to follow this for your best practice on growing cannabis in Colorado.

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#4 – Containers / Pots and Bags
Last but not least when it comes to growing marijuana is to pay attention to the many benefits of having pots and bags. This is how to get large cannabis yields. From 1 gallon pots to 10-gallon pots, the pots themselves are very exceptional when it comes to the quirky weather patterns of Colorado. Knowing such is the case, if you place your plants in a pot outside and the crazy weather patterns come, you can just simply bring your plants inside and avoid the cold snap, the killer of most plants outdoors.

Many consider pots to be a better choice when it comes to growing cannabis because you have 100% control over what nutrients go into your plants and how much space they take up as well. It all depends on individual taste and individual preferences. As some may prefer to plant outside in the very soil itself within an enclosed location as opposed to using a pot outside. Many stories can be told on both sides of the fence to support either actual soil or planting in a pot. A best practice is to do it yourself.

Although the process of growing marijuana is very exciting, anyone familiar with the subject will know that cannabis will grow well under most circumstances. This is how to get large cannabis yields. To not be able to plant seeds in a dirt and give them sun and some water to get a good crop is to not want to grow good marijuana. This is the basic stuff to growing weed and by knowing the laws of the land, you are all the more ready for success. Although there are many volumes to be written about the wonderful subject of growing weed, personal experience is always the best teacher.

In Colorado, following the above-mentioned basic steps and allowing your crop to grow will yield some beneficial results of some good weed for you to enjoy as you spend time and wonderful Colorado.