Weed tourism in America

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Weed Tourism in the U.S.

With the rise of popularity of  Denver cannabis tours and the things that surround it,  is the accelerated growth for the weed tourism industry. In this new unexplored and growing place,  is the need for more cannabis friendly resorts for the weed tourist. Seems like everyone wants to be the next Betty Crocker of cannabis, but not to many are looking into the hospitality side. Colorado is leading the way in the number of weed friendly places to hang but it still is very lacking.

I hope for a nice, classy, all inclusive ranch where you can walk through a grow, ride a horse and smoke a joint at the same time.  A night side smoke next to a campfire…. yes that is what is desperately needed. Someone to explain, in depth to newcomers what the difference is between Sativa or Indica and what the hell is a dab?

Some nice cannabis friendly cabins or bungalows in the forest, full kitchen staff with a buffet and snacks all day. Plenty of places to go explore on your own in the woods, get one with everything. Shuttle to and from the city so you could get into town to see your shows or have a nice dinner and city lights. Tours to the recreational stores to shop, mall or outlets. Find yourself some dank moon rocks and enjoy the day.

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Hang out at the ranch and lay in the stream or sun with your vape pen watching the hawks soar. Listen to the woodpeckers banging away at a pine tree and the wind rustle the leaves. This is what I picture a cannabis resort to be. Pool, hot tubs and the beauty and fun of Colorado.

Now Las Vegas is another great spot to take a weed vacation to. Here you have all the amenities of sin city with the addition of some hella good cannabis.  Las Vegas is quickly becoming the hot spot for cannabis tourism and also it help them to have a ton of recreational cannabis dispensaries too.You can find Las Vegas cannabis vacation tips on our site as well.

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You have a few hotels without casinos attached to them that are now 420 friendly, so make sure to use our Las Vegas 420 friendly hotels page to find the best one for you.

Oregon and Washington are another two great places to see if you love the big cities and if you  just into the wilderness. You can be at a beach at 9am and then on a mountain top by 5pm. these tow states have a plethora of activities for the cannabis travel also.

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Weed tourism in America will be the next big worldly travel hot spot so lets get in early as we can!! Weed tourism in America is the new tourism boom.