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5 Interesting CBD Products

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Check out these 5 New CBD Products

In recent years, CBD has gained popularity. It is a cannabis byproduct, often extracted from hemp, with very interesting healing properties. Since the substance is not psychoactive, it has been celebrated by many as a substitute for more dangerous or less effective pharmaceuticals. 

CBD has already been shown to help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression, along with alleviating chronic pain. Its effects on pain relief have been well-researched, and it is also thought to be an anti-inflammatory. If you are interested in using CBD, there are some interesting methods used to consume this remedy. 

1 – CBD nail polish

Though most people consume CBD by eating, drinking, or using it in some kind of cream, there are those looking for more exotic ways to get their daily dose of CBD. One of these is through painting it on as nail polish. It works the same way as any other polish and can help nails that are irritated or inflamed. Unfortunately, though, it is unlikely you would get any other benefits from applying nail polish infused with CBD. Your nails do not provide the substance access to your bloodstream. 

cbd nail polish
CBD Nail polish

2 – CBD toothpicks

Believe it or not, there are toothpicks on the market right now that are infused with CBD. Some of these can contain up to 25 milligrams of CBD. Unlike the nail polish, consuming CBD in this way will give you the benefits associated with this substance, the same way rubbing an ointment onto an affected area would. Most of these effects will benefit the gums, helpful for people with conditions like gingivitis.

CBD toothpicks
CBD toothpicks

3 – CBD-infused pillows

While this may sound like an exciting idea, there is a low chance of any CBD actually being absorbed by your body using this method. These pillows are infused with CBD oil, which theoretically rubs off onto your head as you sleep. That said, experts say it is unlikely for any traceable amount to be absorbed by the body. It seems that more CBD will remain in the pillow than will be absorbed by your skin. And if you ever wash this pillow — and really, you should — it will probably just end up washing most of the CBD off.

CBD Pillows
CBD Pillows

4 – CBD dog treats

Several dispensaries around the country have started offering CBD dog treats from Eden’s Herbals. These aim to reduce anxiety caused by fireworks over the Fourth of July weekend. These treats are supposed to act on the same anxiety-reducing mechanism as CBD edibles, creams, and drinks that are consumed by humans. And since CBD is safe for dogs, you don’t need to worry about harming or freaking out your canine friend.

CBD Dog Treats
CBD Dog Treats

5 – CBD hand lotion

There are many reasons why you might want to rub CBD on your hands. And sure, you can use CBD oil to do that, but oils don’t feel nice on the skin. It’s hard to use your phone or shake hands when your fingers are greased in oil.

CBD Lotion
CBD Lotion

Here’s where CBD hand cream comes in. You can have the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD in your hands without dealing with gross oil. These lotions often feel and smell nice, and are great for people who suffer from inflammation in their hands or joints. CBD hand creams are recommended for people suffering from arthritis and eczema. To read more on all things CBD related, check out