What’s the Best Portable Dab Rig for Travel?

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Compared to traditional weed smoking, dabbing provides a markedly more potent experience because you’re inhaling only the most potent active compounds without the inactive plant solids getting in the way. That’s especially important for those who have high tolerance and would ordinarily have to smoke an extremely large amount of material in order to achieve the desired effect – so if you’re planning to go on a cannabis tour and indulge yourself, it’s natural that you’ll want to bring your favorite dab rig with you.

There’s just one problem with dabbing on the go – most of the dab rigs on the market aren’t designed for travel at all. They’re large and often include elaborate glassware. Some don’t even have the ability to run on battery power. Traveling with most dab rigs is asking for trouble because you’re likely to end up with broken glass in your suitcase.

You’re about to learn why the best dab rig for travel isn’t actually a dab rig at all. Instead, you should travel with a nectar collector. Compared to traditional dab rigs, nectar collectors are smaller, more durable and more convenient. Read on to learn why a nectar collector is the perfect solution for dabbing on the go.

What Is a Nectar Collector?

A nectar collector is almost like a dab rig in reverse. With a traditional dab rig, the heating element and mouthpiece both face up. In some cases, the mouthpiece is placed directly over the heating element. In other cases, there may be a bubbler between the heating element and mouthpiece to provide cooling and water filtration. With a nectar collector, on the other hand, only the mouthpiece faces up. The heating element faces down and is at the bottom of the device. You use a nectar collector by inhaling through the mouthpiece while touching the heating element to the material that you want to vape. This allows nectar collectors to be significantly smaller than traditional dab rigs, which makes them dramatically better for travel.

What Is the Best Nectar Collector?

The Stinger by Rokin Vapes is the best nectar collector on the market, and it’s ideal for traveling because it’s one of the smallest dab pens on the market. Measuring just a little over five and a half inches long, it’ll fit easily in your carry-on bag even if you’re short on space. Rokin also offers a padded travel bag for the Stinger, which is a highly recommended accessory for travel at just $24.95. In addition to the device itself, the travel bag also has room for two spare ceramic heating elements. It even includes a free silicone wax container.

The Stinger has an 1,100 mAh internal battery, which should be more than sufficient for several lengthy vaping sessions – and you can charge the battery by connecting the device to your computer with the included Micro USB cable. The body of the Stinger is metal, so it can take a few bumps and scrapes – and unlike most traditional dab rigs, the Stinger doesn’t have a large glass component that’s easily broken. The Stinger does have a small glass bubbler, but it’s nestled within the body of the device for extra protection.

To provide a customized vaping experience, the Stinger operates at four selectable power levels of 3.4, 3.6, 3.8 and 4.0 volts.

Why Are Nectar Collectors Better than Traditional Dab Rigs?

Compared to a traditional dab rig, a nectar collector can provide a markedly better experience – both at home and on the go. Here’s why.

  • Nectar collectors are much smaller and lighter than traditional dab rigs. That makes them easier to use, easier to store, easier to pack for traveling and significantly less fragile.
  • Nectar collectors are easier to clean, which is important if you’re planning to travel with your device. You don’t want to travel with a device that’s full of cannabis residue. Although security agents don’t specifically search luggage for cannabis, they are required to report any suspected illegal drugs they find.
  • With a nectar collector, the heating element, bubbler and mouthpiece are all positioned in a direct line. Since the air path is shorter, more of the vapor enters your lungs instead of condensing inside the device.
  • A nectar collector is less messy than a traditional dab rig because there’s no need to remove the material that you’re vaping from its container. Instead, you place the device’s heating element directly on the material.
  • Unlike traditional dab rigs, nectar collectors work with both oil and wax. That’s another major benefit for traveling because a nectar collector will work with whatever concentrates you’re able to find while traveling.

Can You Bring a Nectar Collector on an Airplane?

Yes. You can travel with a nectar collector, but you can’t travel with cannabis products containing more than 0.3 percent Delta-9 THC because those products are illegal according to federal law. So, you’ll need to leave your dabs at home. Otherwise, there’s nothing to prevent you from bringing your nectar collector on an airplane. Here’s how to do it.

  • Unless the nectar collector has a removable battery, you’ll need to pack it in your carry-on bag. If it does have a removable battery, you can pack the nectar collector in your checked luggage as long as the battery is packed safely in your carry-on bag.
  • Clean your nectar collector thoroughly before packing it. Detach all removable non-electronic components and soak them in rubbing alcohol for a few hours to remove the residue. After soaking the components, rinse them in clean water to remove any remaining residue and dry them thoroughly before packing them. If your device has any residue on it, you can remove the residue with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.
  • Pack the nectar collector in a padded carrier that holds all of the components securely and provides appropriate shielding for impacts. Remember that it’s common for nectar collectors and other dab rigs to have glass bubblers for water filtration, so you wouldn’t want to just throw your nectar collector in your travel bag with your other items.

The nectar collector emerges as the superior option for the cannabis connoisseur on the move. Its portability, durability, and convenience offer a hassle-free travel experience without sacrificing the quality of the dabbing session.

With devices like the Stinger by Rokin Vapes, enthusiasts are no longer constrained by bulky and fragile rigs, making it possible to enjoy potent experiences with ease while exploring new horizons. Furthermore, the ease of maintaining cleanliness and compliance with travel regulations adds to the nectar collector’s allure as the ideal travel companion for those seeking to partake in their concentrates discreetly and efficiently.

Whether at home or on the go, the nectar collector stands out as a testament to innovation in the world of cannabis consumption, ensuring that the journey is just as enjoyable as the destination.