Colorado Cannabis is now Cheaper!!

In News by Midas

Colorado weed is now more affordable than ever before, with the median price per pound dropping by a whopping 63 percent since 2021! Last October, the lowest on record was $658. Remarkably though, it has gone even lower – to an astonishingly low rate of only $649 per pound. This marks its cheapest point in all seven years of legal recreational marijuana sales! Check out all of the latest weed rates in Colorado here.

And it’s not just flower that’s hitting rock-bottom prices. The AMR measures all sorts of wholesale weed categories, including trim, seeds, clones, fresh whole plants and flower and trim allocated for extraction. Right now, prices for flower and fresh whole plants are at record lows across the board. And trim is just $4 above its all-time low – so you know it won’t be long before that drops as well!

Get ’em while they’re hot, folks – because Colorado weed prices aren’t likely to stay this low for long.

Happy smoking!