Different Ways of Vaping Cannabis

Exploring Different Ways of Vaping Cannabis

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The cannabis industry is booming and evolving rapidly, making it one of the fastest-growing markets in America. The versatility of cannabis consumption is truly remarkable when you stop and think about it. Gone are the days when smoking was the only option. Nowadays, the possibilities are endless, catering to everyone’s unique needs and preferences. So, weather it is recreational cannabis or if you have to use your cannabis patient card; either way vaping cannabis is a great way to consume it.

One of the key advancements in the industry is the availability of cannabis products that are devoid of THC, the compound responsible for the psychoactive “high” effect. This means you can now purchase cannabis items without worrying about experiencing that mind-altering sensation. Additionally, vaping has gained significant popularity in recent years as a preferred method of consumption.

Let’s jump into the world of vaping and explore different ways to enjoy cannabis through this modern technique.

Different Ways of Vaping Cannabis

What is Vaping?

To fully grasp the various vaping methods for cannabis, it’s essential to understand the concept itself. Vaping involves heating cannabis extract or flower at high temperatures. Unlike smoking, there is no combustion, so the cannabis does not burn. Instead, the heat releases terpenes and cannabinoids, which are then inhaled as vapor.

From a medical standpoint, vaping is considered a healthier alternative to smoking. It significantly reduces the number of harmful chemicals that are known to cause a range of health issues. Consequently, many patients now opt for vaping as a means of consuming medical cannabis. However, it’s important to note that using cannabis for medical purposes requires a valid cannabis patient card.

It’s worth mentioning the distinction between vaping and vaporizing. Vaporizing involves the combustion of dried flowers using a vaporizer. Unfortunately, these terms are often confused due to their similarity.

Vaping is Discreet

One of the main reasons why vaping has become so popular is its convenience and discretion. It allows you to consume cannabis without disturbing your surroundings. Surprisingly, the vapor produced by vaping tends to have a much milder cannabis scent, offering a significant advantage in terms of discretion.

While there may be exceptions, particularly when using a dry herb vape, the overall principle of convenience and discretion remains unchanged. Rest assured, the effects of cannabis through vaping are generally comparable to those achieved through smoking.

The Most Common Types of Cannabis Vapes

Now, let’s explore the most prevalent types of cannabis vapes available on the market.

Tabletop Vaporizers

Tabletop vaporizers are stationary devices that require a stable surface to stand on. They come in various models, but they all share a few essential features. These include a temperature dial for regulating heat, a heating element to warm the cannabis flower, a heating chamber, and a mouthpiece attachment.

Some devices feature a bag that collects the vapor, which needs to be attached before inhalation. Others have a long tube that directs the vapor from the chamber directly to the user.


Portable Vaporizers

As the name suggests, portable vaporizers are small and convenient devices that operate similarly to tabletop vaporizers but with the added benefit of portability. They consist of a chamber to hold the cannabis flower, a heating element, and a battery.

Portable vaporizers are incredibly user-friendly, typically offering a single function of turning on and off. The heating element is activated by pressing a button, which then heats the herb in the chamber and delivers the vapor to the user’s mouth. Although their heating precision may not match that of tabletop vaporizers, their popularity lies in their portability and convenience.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are vaporizers designed specifically for oils and cannabis distillates. They are called “pens” due to their shape and size. Vape pens typically consist of two main components: a cartridge and a battery.

While they are often referred to as reusable, it’s important to note that the cartridges are generally discarded after the oil has been vaporized. Vape batteries are simple and usually feature an on/off button. The cartridge itself can have a rectangular or cylindrical shape, depending on the model.

Vape pen batteries vary in lifespan, and there are numerous options to choose from. Ultimately, your personal preferences should guide your decision. You can find the best vape pens here.

Dab Vape Pens

For those who prefer dabbing as their consumption method but are interested in exploring vaping, dab vape pens are the perfect solution. Activated by pressing a button, these pens allow users to consume cannabis concentrates through the mouthpiece. The battery heats coils at the pen’s end to a fixed temperature.

Users can dab the coils into small bowls containing concentrated cannabis, which then melts and produces vapor that is inhaled through the mouthpiece. Dab vape pens are an excellent choice if you enjoy regularly switching between different strains, as the process is incredibly straightforward. Click here to learn about dabbers.

Oil Cartridge Vapes

The final type worth mentioning is the THC oil cartridge vape. These vapes utilize a cartridge filled with cannabis oil and a battery. The battery heats the oil, releasing its chemical compounds. Some cartridges are semi-reusable, similar to the previous models we mentioned.

However, there are also fully disposable options, where the entire unit is sealed inside the oil cylinder. In either case, the effects provided by these vapes can be quite exceptional. It’s crucial to ensure you purchase high-quality products, as some manufacturers offer low-quality alternatives due to their disposable nature.

In summary, exploring different methods of vaping cannabis is highly beneficial for new consumers. By doing so, individuals can choose the methods that best suit their preferences and needs.

Please note that cannabis laws vary by state, so it’s important to be aware of and abide by the regulations in your area.