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Most Adults in U.S. Think Cannabis is Helpful

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Study finds many American adults think cannabis is beneficial.

Indeed, it’s true – cannabis is a powerful natural remedy for many ailments. We (the long-time consumers) were aware of this fact some time ago and now more people than ever before are beginning to recognize the same potential.

A recently published research study conducted by Annals of Internal Medicine concluded that 14% of the 9,000 adult participants had used cannabis within a year. tech studying cannabis in labFurthermore, 66% believed marijuana to be an effective pain management remedy and 47% claimed it could assist with stressors such as depression or anxiety. Additionally, 48% thought it would help manage autoimmune diseases like Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.).

Ironically, despite 91 percent of individuals believing that marijuana usage is hazardous to one’s health, 22 percent found it completely non-addictive. Also noteworthy was the fact that 7% thought cannabis use while pregnant was totally secure or somewhat safe. Moreover, 52% perceived memory impairment as a repercussion; this aligns with 50% who acknowledged its addictive qualities and an equal number who recognized legal implications due to drug utilization. The survey of 9000 people proves intriguing results about marijuana consumption!

Ultimately, this study provides evidence that more and more Americans are recognizing the potential health benefits of cannabis products. We wonder if a similar survey could be done for pets too; as medicinal marijuana is beneficial to animals in the same manner it assists humans. Here’s hoping this pattern will extend so we can acquire precise answers on the advantages of cannabis.

The survey results are incredibly interesting and encouraging. Not only did they conclude that an impressive majority of participants indicated confidence in marijuana’s health benefits, but only 7% saw it as potentially safe or somewhat safe to use during pregnancy! This indicates that people are becoming more informed on the topic and recognizing its potential medical applications.

Furthermore, the survey revealed that while 91% of individuals deemed cannabis use as hazardous, 22% thought it non-addictive. This could be due to more people becoming aware of the lack of scientific evidence surrounding the ‘gateway drug’ theory. Perhaps more education on the topic is needed in order to completely dispel this stigma.

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Another interesting finding was that 50% of individuals surveyed perceived marijuana as having addictive qualities. This is a rather large discrepancy with the 22% who saw it as non-addictive, and further emphasizes the need for more accurate information to be disseminated on the topic.

It’s clear that while there is still work to be done in regards to understanding marijuana’s medical benefits and risks, this survey provides encouraging evidence that the public is recognizing its potential. Hopefully, more research will continue to be conducted in order to provide even more insight into cannabis use and treatment.

By taking an unbiased approach to cannabis-related topics, we are better equipped to make informed decisions regarding its usage. This survey provides powerful evidence that more people are gaining an understanding of marijuana’s potential medical applications and actively seeking out accurate information on the topic.

In short, this survey is an important milestone in cannabis education and should encourage additional research and discussions on the topic. It’s clear that marijuana has many potential benefits, but it is still important to ensure its usage is done safely and responsibly. With more accurate information available, we can continue to make informed decisions on the topic of cannabis use.

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Note – Colorado Highlife and its employees are not medical professionals and this article is not a statement of fact. Please visit your medical professional for advice before you start cannabis consumption in your legal state.

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