Most Adults in U.S. Think Cannabis is Helpful

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Study finds a lot of American adults think cannabis is beneficial.

Yes that’s right, cannabis can help with a lot of things. Something we (the cannabis users) have realized a long time ago is that “cannabis can help many medical problems” and now more and more people are feeling the same way.

In a online study published by Annels of Internal Medicine,  they found out from around 9000 adults polled, 14% used cannabis within a year, that 66% believed cannabis can help manage pain, 47% believed that it helps with stress, depression and anxiety types of issues. Also 48% believed it can help with auto immune diseases like M.S.

Now the study did ask other questions about risk of cannabis use and the responses were as follows, 91% believe there is a risk to cannabis use, some think that impaired memory is an issue at 52% of respondents, about 50% of those think that it is addictive and 52% believe that legal troubles is a problem, which we can’t argue with that fact. What is very interesting is 7% believe that cannabis use is somewhat or completely safe during pregnancy. Out of all 9000 people polled, 22% of them believe cannabis is not addictive at all.

All in all the study shows that more and more Americans are seeing that cannabis products can be helpful to a variety of health aliments.

We wonder if a similar study could be done for pets as well, as cannabis for pets is beneficial, just the same way it is for humans. We hope this trend spills over to the actual testing of these thoughts so we have a definitive answer on the benefits of cannabis.

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Note – Colorado Highlife LLC and its employees are not medical professionals and this article is not a statement of fact. Please visit your medical professional for advice before you start cannabis consumption in your legal state.

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