7 Best Volcano Features

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7 Best Volcano Features that will Blow Your Mind

When Storz & Bickel released their original Volcano in 2000 the world was awestruck. Never before had we seen anything remotely like it, the power, the quality and the all round engineering of the unit was impressive.7 Best Volcano Features


At this point in time it is considered that the Volcano is the king amongst the best vaporizers, its popularity isn’t an accident though, it has grown its fan base after many years of satisfied customers. Using the finest German technology and continued research and development, the Volcano Vaporizer has definitely revolutionized the Vaporizer market. In this article you will learn about some of the features of the Volcano which continue to keep it perched at the top of the vaping table.


When it comes to vaporizers today, you have an enormous selection. Whether its a sleek and discreet vape pen or a powerful unit like a desktop vape there is sure to be a vaporizer on the market to suit what you are looking for. The Volcano is the original desktop vaporizer and it’s exactly what you would expect from one, powerful, bulky and easy to use. The Volcano is designed with vaping at home in mind and as it is medically approved and scientifically approved it is perfect for the medical user. It’s easy to use and considering the mains power you have no battery worries. The Volcano’s design was improved when the Volcano Digit was introduced, adding a digital element to an already established model shows Storz & Bickel dedication to modernizing their products.

Hot Air Convection

The way in which a vaporizer works can be very different. The two methods seen most commonly are Convection and Conduction. Convection is the heating of the materials through heating the air around them, by doing this, the chamber becomes similar to an oven and prevents combustion from taking place. Whereas, conduction works by heating the herbs by direct contact. The Volcano’s design ensures us that the product being vaped cannot be combusted and using a powerful 100 watt convection heating system, the Volcano can provide you with a strong and potent vapor in a fast and effective fashion.

Temperature Range

The temperature range of all vaporizers is a major talking point. While some have single increment selections others are a rough estimation. The importance of the temperature range in vaping is underappreciated, considering each material we vape can come in all shapes and sizes and with all kinds of consistencies it’s imperative to know what temperature suits what you are vaping. Personal preference is another key component of choosing your set point and it is through trial and error that you will find what you are looking for. The original Volcano vaporizer used a knob at the front to differentiate the temperatures whereas the newer more modern version displays it on a digital display. Regardless of the setting you prefer, the Volcano is a simple to use unit where differentiating between temperatures is made easy.

Balloon system

The Balloon system is what makes the Volcano what it is. Famed for it, the design team for the Volcano introduced incredible innovation when they released the balloon style means of vaping. Quite easy to use and understand, the balloon technology of the Volcano works quite simply, to begin you must load your chamber and attach one of the provided balloons to the nozzle the vapor escapes through. You will quickly see the balloon fill and if your vapor is of optimum quality you should have difficulty in seeing through it. While the balloon is one of the major positives of the Volcano it is certainly not the only one.

Perfect for Passing

As with most vaporizers the ability to share amongst friends and family is key. With the Volcano vaporizer you are guaranteed more vapor than the average run of the mill vaporizer.

Considering the portability of desktop vaporizers is difficult, the possibility of passing the balloon among friends is a massive plus. As it can be difficult, if less experienced, to use a full balloon, it can definitely help the way in which you vape at parties or gatherings. Simply disconnect the balloon and pass, once your friends taste and feel what they are vaping on they are sure to come back for more. A sociable desktop unit, the Volcano has features to suit us all.

Vapor that lasts

One of the major positives associated with the Volcano vaporizer balloon technology is actually quite hard to believe. According to the manufacturers, Storz & Bickel, vapor produced by the Volcano can last up to 8 hours after convection. This is completely unheard of and can assure you that even if you have hit your limits you can still come back for more later. The fact that vapor can last so long is a major benefit to the Volcano as it ensures that no waste is produced saving you valuable herb and money in the long run. So even if you don’t fancy sharing among friends, rest assured that your precious vapor will still be there for you up to 8 hours later.


Power is a real reflection of the true quality of the unit you are using. With the Volcano vaporizer you are guaranteed high quality German engineering, scientific testing and all round product quality. As far as raw power is concerned there are very few that can rival the Volcano. Using a 100 watt heating system, it is one of the strongest on the market, this coupled with the fact it is mains powered provide us with the ease of mind that the unit will never run out of battery. Taking only 3 minutes to heat up fully and with quality of the vapor it produces its easy to say the Volcano vaporizer is one of the most powerful vapes on the market.

Overall, the Volcano has directly influenced the vaporizer world. Since its release, the surge in popularity has been constant. When people think of vapes they nearly always think of the volcano. This is because it’s the original, it’s the first product that took vaping and made it feasible. While not necessarily the cheapest, with Storz & Bickel guarantees and reputation you are sure to have a vape for life when you invest in the king of vapes, the Volcano.

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