The History Of Cannabis

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The History of Cannabis

Sept 1, 2020

Cannabis is the scientific name for a plant that is commonly known as marijuana or hemp. Though it is known to have psychoactive substances it can help in the production of fiber as well as medicines. This plant has been around for several thousands of years and has been trying for its psychoactive properties in different ways. The plant is found different uses for medicinal as well as recreational purpose. Charred seeds of the plant were first found in 2500 BCE in Romania by a ritual fire. The plant and cannabis oil has several varieties that differ when grown in the wild or when it is cultivated.

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Early uses

Cannabis is known to have been used from ancient times in Nepal by Indian Hindus. Soma which is a drug that finds mention in many Hindu texts is known to have been Cannabis extracts or cannabis oil, which is intoxicating and hallucinogenic effects on the mind. It then spread through the Indo Aryan races and was then adapted in regions like Assyrians in Syria or Iraq and then on to European continents. Cannabis flowers were burnt to induce a trance like state which was practiced by different cult societies and religious worshipers.

Positive effects

The cannabis plant is known to offer several medical benefits like alleviating depression, nausea and pain. It is also known to help increase appetite. Today the same plant is being explored for its benefits to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the body. It can also help reduce impairment of memory in elderly people. However, the psychoactive substances in the plant can have prolonged dependency and other effects that are adverse. Hence, the administration of the plant extract and its form needs to be determined under medical supervision, like aromatherapy oils.

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Change in its uses

The plant and its extracts have been used in a rampant manner for thousands of years. However, US have made the drug illegal since the 20th century and it comes under the drug abuse prevention and control act. Many adverse effects of the use of the plant extracts are linked to decline of the moral functions and resorting to murderous intentions. As medical uses of the marijuana plant are several, these are explored under a regulated and controlled environment.

Controlled usage

There is industrial usage of hemp plant which has minimal psychoactive substances. Hemp oil obtained is used in the making of soap, ointments, creams, lotions and other topical applications. However, in many countries or regions the growing of hemp is prohibited or controlled by regulation so that misuse of the same or the right varieties are cultivated that will not be misused. The use of aromatherapy oils, on the other hand has several cosmetic applications and health benefits as well. Oils and their uses vary as per requirements and plant properties.

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