How Much is a Vape Pen? Best Tips for Saving

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A Vape pen is a device that enables you to start out in vaping. There are numerous vape pens around the stores, and sometimes it can become overwhelming, especially where you have so many different choices. For example- cheaper vape pens do not have a high resistance vape coil, and hence the smoke that they emit is not so noteworthy. It is ok-ish. Nevertheless, on the other hand, higher resistance vape coils will have lower battery life unless you are buying a variable voltage 510 battery type vape pen  since more energy is required for each vape puff.

So one of the first things you should do is decide upon which Vaping pen device to buy, and then you can start comparing specifications to see which device suits your taste and preferences.

Here are some tips for you:

  1. Subscribe To Newsletters: You often might see brands giving out discounts or announcing some offers in their email campaigns. These promotional offers are primarily for limited times, and you most probably miss them if you do not subscribe to them. Nevertheless, some brands tend to overdo it, and hence consumers feel like they are getting spammed. So you, too, should not subscribe from every vape manufacturer’s email newsletters. Instead, try to filter out and subscribe only with those newsletters which could benefit you. For example, if you are a user of non-nicotine salt vape liquids, then subscribe to those companies that sell them and not those that do not sell this.
  2. Use Social Media: Social media marketing is a big thing in 2022. Companies and brands regularly use it to promote and spread their outreach. A lot of companies you will see conduct some social media quizzes or challenges wherein you will be rewarded too. So follow your favorite brand of vape pens and liquids on social media and get notified of any new campaign or promotional offers that they might be running. Also, following them will enable you to gain some knowledge in the form of a greater understanding of the product. This is because many vaping brands post about optimal usage of their products, walkthroughs and other educational aspects too.

  1. Buy In Bulk: Ever heard of the term trade discounts? Trade discounts are given to customers when they buy a certain predefined big quantity. This varies from brand to brand and also depends upon your usage. If you plan to use the same vape pen and e-liquid for more than a few months, you can buy them in bulk, avail of trade discounts, and then use them. Nevertheless, if you are planning to buy a vaping device and use it for a few weeks and then move on to another device, then do not do this. As doing this means you will lock away your precious capital into a product which you cannot get rid of so easily, as who would want to buy a vape pen from you when they can get the same one in a store.
  2. Use Vape Pen Instead of Vape Mod: Vape mods are very expensive when directly compared with vape pens. This is because vape mods have features like temperature control, variable wattage, etc. These are all novelty good to have features. But if you don’t make much use of those then you will only block your capital and do nothing else. Vape pens offer you a similar vaping experience but at a fraction of the cost. Granted you will not get those extra bells and whistles but what you will get is a product which will be easy to use and almost feels like a traditional cigarette.
  3. E-Liquid: Your choice of e-liquid may also determine the price you might have to pay for your vape pen. For example- suppose you want to quit smoking but prefer to smoke nicotine. So you can smoke nicotine without the other harmful chemicals in cigarettes by using a nicotine salt based vaping e-liquid. But due to this requirement you will push up the cost of buying a vape pen. This is because some cheaper vape pens cannot process the complicated nic salt added vape e-liquid and require a higher resistance coil; all of which gets added to the cost.
  4. Lookout for Clearance Sales: Clearance sales are an excellent way to save on some extra bucks in buying a vape pen. You will find sales like these during off-seasons or during month ends. Keep an sharp eye out for sales like these and buy your favorite vape pen at a discounted price.


Vape pens are an excellent choice considering the value proposition that they are offering. You can use the above simple tips to save your capital and have an enjoyable experience.