Top 5 Cannabis Friendly Things to Do in Colorado Springs

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Top 5 Cannabis Friendly Things to Do when your in Colorado Springs CO.

So it has been a while since we have written about Colorado Springs and all of the cool stoner things to do there. So we are going to cover it now reviewing the new, the dead and the lasting ones. So lets go over the Top 5 cannabis friendly things to do in Colorado Springs CO.

So right off, one of the bad things that has happened, is most of the cannabis consumption lounges in Colorado Springs have closed, if not all have. Yep, sad to say that over the years city regulations, owners doing stupid stuff and the epidemic has closed them down for good.

So, long gone are the fun times we had blazing with others from around the world in a club. No more kicking it talking about what buds are the best, hitting dab rigs, talking about the cannabis community and the activism around it. Sad to see them go, as it was a fun and wild west type of times back then in 2014 to 2019.

But time always changes things, right. *sigh* Oh well. Ok now, so that's enough reminiscing of the bad lets cover what you can do!

#1 - Visit Higher Elevations Masterpiece Productions

bongs on display at Higher Elevations Masterpiece Productions

A very cool thing to do is stop by one of the best glass shops in the world. Higher Elevations Masterpiece Productions, or now known as ELEV8, is a great place to start your sight seeing at. With a ton of hand made one of a kind pieces this place just can't be missed.

When we have taken Denver cannabis tours here the guests love it.  Above you can see the quality of craftsmanship and artistry. The glass being blown here is amazing, even though some pieces look the same each is a bit different. You can pick up all your smoking supply needs here as well, like papers, lighters and other smoking accessories.

ELEV8 has a long history behind it and has made a lot of great products that you, as a cannabis user, have probably used and not known they made it. They are the makers of the table top vape unit The Silver Surfer, Yep the iconic desktop vape is made right here in Colorado Springs.

They also make a well known vape pen, 7th Floor Vapes. Wow, now your mind is blown. This, what looks like a little subdued basic head shop, was master minding some of the most well known tools of cannabis lovers around the world.weed tours

Stop in and pick up a piece for yourself. That way, you have an iconic souvenir you will actually use after your trip unlike that thimble you bought at the gift shop in Manitou Springs.

You can find them at their two locations in Colorado Springs or visit the website for information.


#2 - Go Shopping at Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries

Now another place you have to go to is a recreational cannabis dispensary. Colorado Springs itself does not have recreational places to buy from. But in a neighboring town of Manitou Springs (just a quick 5 to 15 minute trip) is the place to go to get your cannabis products.

The caveat to shopping here in Manitou is the cannabis is pricey due to having only two rec dispensaries; as to compared to shops in Denver or down south in Pueblo. So if your wanting to use your cannabis coupons for a $99.00 ounce, or very cheap priced concentrates, you might want to drive the rental car 45 minutes south to Pueblo. Just be sure to use good dispensary etiquette when shopping.

But the shops in Manitou Springs have everything you may need from flower to concentrates and edibles. My favorite is Emerald Fields in the above photo. The vibe here is great, the way the cannabis products are displayed remind me of being in a Apple store. The buds there have a good range of quality from basic to straight up fire.

The other choice is up the road a bit called Maggie's Farm. This place is vastly different then the first one. After being ID' Your led into a narrow hallway, with 5 doors. These are the retail rooms that you go into, to be shown cannabis products with your group. You pick what you want, then upon leaving the room you enter another room with cashiers waiting for your payment and having your ordered product ready to go. They have outdoor sun grown flower, full line up of concentrates, edibles and other cannabis products for you. So if you don't mind paying a bit more then Manitou Springs is a good place to pick up your supplies.

When I have gone there it feels a bit weird, as I feel like I am waiting in the hallway for the principle to call me in. With that and the prices they are asking for, I usually go down to Pueblo to purchase what I need.

If you want to have a free grow tour then you have to go south to Pueblo, ending up at a recreational store there called, The Spot 420 Pueblo Dispensary. There, you can do some shopping and have a free tour in the state of the art cannabis grow operation. They have some awesome tech savvy rooms, that they use to grow some killer strains. I was amazed at the way indoor cannabis growing has evolved. To see a peek watch the video below.

#3 - Stay in a 420 Friendly Bed and Breakfast

Colorado cannabis tourismin 2019


One of the best things you could do is book and stay at a cannabis friendly BnB. These places are one of the best ways to experience and enjoy smoking your cannabis when on vacation in Colorado. They run the spectrum as far as amenities, features and room sizes. all will feed you a breakfast after your morning wake and bake. The ones we feature on our site have been vetted and even stayed at by me or one of the staff. So lets go over who they are.

The Love Shack-  This place welcomes 420 travelers to Colorado Springs. This is a tiny home is fully air conditioned, full kitchen, free wifi, sleeps 2... this is a cute place to stay at.the love shack 420 friendly tiny home This place is in Manitou Springs so your very close to the recreational stores there.

The location is great as Garden of the Gods park is very close, Pike's Peak is near and you can even ride up the Pike's Peak cog railway as it is 10 minutes away. You can book this great place with our recommended provider.

Book The Love Shack Here

INNhale Cannabis Friendly B&B - Innhale (love the name) is a newer addition to the cannabis friendly lodging options in Colorado Springs. Here it is for adults only, you get a great breakfast for every nights stay and it is very close toinnhale Manitou Springs as well. With a great view of Pike's Peak you can sit in the garden area and enjoy the sights of the region. Iconic places like Garden of the Gods park and the famous Seven Falls are very close by.

So getting some supplies to enjoy is a quick 5 minute ride away. This place has 5 guest rooms, a spa, a garden area with BBQs and pick nick tables, free WiFi and Free parking. You can book this place clicking the button below.

Book INNhale Here


#4 - Take a Hike & Explore the Mountains

top 5 cannabis friendly things to do in colorado Springs

The mountains above Colorado Springs are known for the hundreds of marked trails that you can take and explore the wilderness of Colorado safely. You can use your smart phone to find a ton of marked trails ranging from easy, moderate to expert for you to go and see.

So you could theoretically, load up your best weed vape pen with some oil or take your stash bag with some flower and a your best glass pipe and hit the trails; but remember public consumption is illegal still, so this is not recommended, but as an adult your allowed totop 5 420 friendly thing to do in colorado make you own decisions. Also you want to stay away from National forest lands (cannabis is Federally illegal).

BUT, if one were to do it then be very careful of open flame and hot ash when your exploring. You don't want to cause a fire.

Out in the wilderness of Colorado you will find an abundance of birds, small creatures, elk, big horn sheep as well as some large scary ones, that you would do good to steer away from. There are bears and mountain loins so be aware of your surroundings. I will say the views for me when hiking are worth the small chance of encountering a large predator animal.

Some great places to go are,

  • Helen Hunt Falls
  • Red Rocks Trail
  • Garden of the Gods Trails
  • Cheyenne Mountain State Park
  • Bear Creek Canyon
  • Rampart Reservoir and Rainbow Gulch

The Pike's Peak range as it is called, is waiting to show you the beautiful scenery that makes up most of Colorado, so enjoy!

#5 - Go Camping in the Forests

The Future of Cannabis Tourism in Colorado

Camping is always a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors while also enjoying your cannabis. There are a ton of places for the vacationer to stay at when out on a vacation to Colorado Springs. There are a ton of places to "Glamp" at, morning coffee and cannabiswhere you only need you, your clothes and some great strains to smoke.  KOAs have cabins you can also rent, just be sure to smoke off property as they may not like cannabis consumption on property.

You can also rent some equipment from Play it Again Sports in Colorado Springs, and head out to do some boon-docking in the wilds. If it is only two of you pick up a cheap tent and bags at Walmart then donate them to the local charity when your done. It is a cheap way to do it and help others.

There are also a few cannabis friendly campgrounds as well near by that you can find at But whatever is your camping pleasure there are a ton of lakes to fish, plethora of streams to wade and swim in, and a vast array of peaks to climb.

A few great places to hit up are,

  • Cheyenne Mountain State Park
  • Mueller State Park
  • Royal Gorge Cabins - Glamping
  • Rampart Range

This top 5 cannabis friendly things to do in Colorado Springs list is just a handful of all the activities you can have in and near Colorado Springs.

I hope this article has helped you a bit to choose some fun cannabis friendly things to do when your vacationing in Colorado Springs. Just explore to your hearts content and enjoy what the beautiful state of Colorado has to offer.