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Clear as Water: Water-Soluble CBD and Its Enhanced Bioavailability

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Water-Soluble CBD in CBD products.

CBD is now undeniably one of the most popular natural extracts in the world, and enthusiasm for this non-intoxicating cannabinoid shows no signs of diminishing. As with anything else that becomes popular, shoppers now demand even-better and more-powerful forms of CBD.

Is it true that water-soluble CBD genuinely improves the cannabinoid, though, or is this just another marketing tactic devoid of real substance? It turns out that the science says water-soluble CBD is a legitimate improvement — though, of course, the story is complicated.

What Is Water-Soluble CBD?

Water-soluble CBD is a form of CBD extract that has been specially formulated to dissolve in water. The reason this feature is desirable is that the human body has a much easier time processing water-soluble as opposed to lipid-soluble compounds. Also, making the cannabinoid water-soluble makes it easy to include CBD in water-based products.

Proponents claim that water-soluble CBD can offer many times the absorption rate of normal CBD. This is theoretically true, but the level of improvement that water-soluble CBD offers is directly tied to how well it is made.

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What Is Bioavailability?

Bioavailability is the measurement of how much of a substance your body can use. You might think that when you take CBD or any other substance, your body uses the entirety of that substance.

This is incorrect. Each substance you ingest has a certain level of inherent bioavailability — in many cases, this level is quite low. The oral bioavailability of conventional CBD extract, for instance, is estimated to be between 6-13%.

How Is Water-Soluble CBD Different?

The primary way that water-soluble CBD is different from other CBD extracts is that it has higher bioavailability due to its improved ability to absorb during digestion. Peer-reviewed research is limited regarding the bioavailability of this type of CBD, but most estimates suggest that water-soluble CBD is at least four times as absorbable as normal CBD.

This means that, on average, your body is able to use four times as much CBD when it is ingested in a water-soluble format. That’s an incredible improvement, especially for a compound for which the inherent bioavailability is so low.

Does Water-Soluble CBD Use Nanotechnology?

Yes, water-soluble CBD is made using a process called liposomal encapsulation, a type of nanotechnology. While the word “nanotechnology” makes anything sound sophisticated, liposomal encapsulation is actually a very simple process that involves encapsulating CBD molecules in liposomes.

Liposomes are artificially created chambers called vesicles that are commonly used in pharmacology. While also technically lipid-based, liposomes are engineered specifically for their bioavailability, allowing them to pass through membranes largely unhindered.

So, the nanotechnology used in water-soluble CBD isn’t exactly science fiction, but it is high-tech and very useful.

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How Is Water-Soluble CBD Better?

Water-soluble CBD is better because it is more effective, it’s less wasteful, and it’s easier on your body. Everything in CBD extract that your body can’t use must be excreted one way or another, putting strain on your liver and other eliminatory organs.

You can use less CBD and have the same or even a greater effect, making water-soluble CBD the best economic choice across the board. Most importantly, there’s the undeniable fact that water-soluble CBD simply does its job better. It activates faster, and it provides more-potent effects than normal CBD.

Is Water-Soluble CBD More Effective?

Yes, it appears that water-soluble CBD is more effective. There are considerable variations between CBD products, however, meaning that some options offer better efficacy improvements over others.

People who use water-soluble CBD generally report that they feel the effects faster and more intensely than when they use normal CBD. This is even more the case when great care is taken to select the best CBD products available.

Research into Water Soluble CBD

So far, only a very limited body of peer-reviewed research has been published regarding water-soluble CBD. Most of what we know comes from a study published in Nutrients in 2022, which covers the overall pharmacokinetics of CBD and how it interacts with food.

Bioavailability is a facet of pharmacokinetics, which is the study of how substances affect the human body. The study found that, in general, liposomal encapsulation of CBD improved its pharmacokinetics, especially in the area of activation times. More data are required to determine just how much, on average, water-soluble formulation also improves the potency of orally ingested CBD.

How to Choose the Best

Now that the CBD industry has largely matured, water-soluble CBD has emerged as an ever-growing trend. Companies that put in the work to produce high-quality water-soluble CBD that effectively carries out the improvements inherent to the extract are few and far between, making it necessary to learn more about what makes a liposomal CBD company trustworthy.

Compliance measures, company history, and customer service are all factors you should take into consideration. It’s also best to work with companies that offer both water-soluble CBD liquid and water-soluble CBD powder for two reasons: You never know when you might need the other type of extract, and it shows the company is established enough to offer a comprehensive catalog.

Start a conversation with a company that seems promising, and see where it goes. The right water-soluble CBD producer will be flexible and informative while always putting the needs of your company first. With that in mind, now is certainly the time to approach the water-soluble CBD market as this rare extract continues making its way toward the mainstream.