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Colorado Nature, History, Coors and Cannabis

So your wanting to take one of those great Colorado vacations, you have made a great choice. Especially if you are interested in history, hiking, or great American natural scenery. In this article we will explore some of the most popular tourist destinations, and cannabis activities in three of the most popular cities within the Centennial State.


Denver is probably the first city that comes to mind when one thinks of Colorado vacations. This city is the capital city of Colorado, and is also its most populous city. What began as a settlement area for gold prospectors has grown into one of the most famous cities in America. You can also find Denver hotels to book.

There are plenty of museums here to keep you busy for a few days. The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is perhaps the most famous museum in the area. Interestingly, this museum actuallycolorado vacations began in a log cabin. The naturalist Edwin Carter collected a huge amount of Colorado fauna, which he eventually showcased in his little log cabin in 1868. His collection became so popular that he was able to raise enough funds to open the Colorado Museum of Natural History in 1900. More collections were added throughout the years, and, finally, we get the wonderful museum that stands today. Currently the museum boasts numerous new auditoriums, an IMAX theatre, and the Gates Planetarium. For more information on their exhibitions, please check out their official website at:

One interesting site for history buffs in Denver is the Molly Brown House Museum. Here you will get to tour the Victorian home of Margaret Tobin Brown, one of the few survivors of the famous Titanic. This museum is well preserved and tells the fascinating story of this amazing person. You will also gain great information on Victorian society. For more information, check out this link:

A short ride south to Colorado Springs is not complete without a ride on the Pikes Peak Cog Railway. This railway car will take you up 14,115 feet to see some of the greatest natural vistas in all of America. Believe it or not, the Cog Railway will turn 125 years old this very year in June. This gives everyone even more incentive to take a trip on this legendary cog railway and see why so many satisfied visitors, from 1891 till now, have left this experience in awe.

For more information, refer to this link:

Colorado is one of the best place to vacation at for adults! – Timothy V. of CHL

Bouldercolorado vacations

Now, if you are a hiker, you should look into visiting Boulder, CO on your Colorado vacations. Here you will find the Flatirons. These five huge rock formations have become a symbol of Boulder, and are a popular destination for rock climbers and hikers. There are both easy and expert trails, but you will always be sure to find a magnificent view no matter which path you take.

Another interesting place to visit here is the Chautauqua National Historic Landmark. Here you will not only find beautiful scenery and hiking trails, but also entertainment, a bar, and dining. After hiking all day, you can pop into this popular destination to relax with friends and family. For more info on different events hosted here, check out:

Eldorado Canyon State Park is a another one of Boulder’s many natural wonders. These majestic sandstone cliffs, and the powerful South Boulder Creek, are sure to inspire you with more of the rich natural beauty that Boulder has to offer.


Of course, we can’t mention Colorado vacations without mentioning Coors Brewery. Located in Golden, CO, not far from Denver, you will find the Coors Brewery. Take tour to learn the history and science of Coors. At the end, take a sample of famous beverage (if you hadn’t already tasted a few before visiting!). For more info, please visit:

While you are in Golden, take in some more of Colorado’s natural beauty at Lookout Mountain. This scenic mountain is conveniently located by another popular tourist attraction: Buffalo Bill Cody’s Museum. This museum showcases the life of legendary William F. Cody (aka “Buffalo Bill”) whose Wild West shows became an indelible piece of Americana. About 400,000 people visit this museum and gravesite every year to learn about this man, and to revel in the visions of the Wild West he inspired. For more information, check out:

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Have a safe and fun time when your here.